DELL / inspiron 15/5558

The worst customer service I have ever come across in all my years.
I have been in the customer service industry (CCTV, Access control, security) for over 30 years and if I ever left someone without a system for 2 or 3 days let alone 2 or 3 months they and every other user they knew would have left our company and recommend all others do the same.
Having order 2 of these laptops for my wife and daughter I expected good things, not amazing but good. 4 month later (wife's) and over 15 emails, chats etc., reinstalling the bios, doing virus and malware scans, having a tech from Dell replace the mother board and d/c input only to leave the unit worse then when he arrived. Dell then said they would replace the hard drive. I explained that no backup software was sent with either laptop so the drive would have to come loaded. Did it? Of course not. I would not let him install the drive as it would have been a total waste of time once again. More and more chats, emails etc., I was told a replacement unit would be sent by Dell. I waited another week for some kind of notification that the unit was in process or on its way. I emailed my contact once again on to get a replay asking who authorized this replacement? I have no record of this even being offered!.
To make things even worse I recently received an email from Dell asking if I would like to purchase and extended warranty. What a joke.
I have not even started the process on the 2nd unit which is also starting up with black screens and running slower then my 5 year old OptiPlex.
I have now owned 5 Dells, 3 have been great but the way I have been treated since ordering these last 2 units has shown me that Dell is not the way to go anymore.


Apr 17, 2016

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