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I have Bought the part you have mentioned it to me in the below chat discussion with Technical person.. How can it be possible that you suggested me wrong CPU cooling fan for Dell Studio 1440, HBR3QK1. I have clearly mentioned what problem i am talking about and which laptop part.
How difficult it is to give a right CPU cooling fan product code? How difficult?

Now i have shipped the package to India to get it fixed and now i figure out that it is wrong fan, in which i have absolutely no mistake, but paying so much money to buy first from US and then shipping it to India.

Now, how am i going to get this part replaced?

Details of Order Placed :
Customer Number: [protected]
Your Sales Professional: Ivy Inductivo
(800) 456-3355x 4169522
Quote Number:
Quote Date: 03/12/2012
Estimated Delivery Date:
Learn More If you place your order today, it is estimated to be delivered on or before 3/15/2012.

Customer Information

Billing Contact: GOUTHAM VALETI
Billing Phone Number: [protected]
Billing Address: RM 1021 INTERCONTINENTAL
NEW YORK, NY 10017
Delivery Contact: GOUTHAM VALETI
Delivery Phone Number: [protected]
Delivery Address: RM 1021 INTERCONTINENTAL
NEW YORK, NY 10017

Quote Details

Quote Number: [protected]
Item Number Quantity Item Description
M146P 1 Assembly, Heatsink, Notebook Unified Memory Architecture 1440


On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Dell Chat <[protected]> wrote:
This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.
Your session ID for this incident is [protected].
Time Details
03/08/2012 05:40:03AM System: "Thanks for choosing Chat to assist you in making your purchase on A Chat Expert will be with you shortly."
03/08/2012 05:40:03AM Session Started with Agent (Florentino C)
03/08/2012 05:40:07AM Agent (Florentino C): "Welcome to Dell US Chat! My name is Don I will be your Sales Chat Expert. I can be reached at [protected] or via phone at [protected] ext. 7284516.

I Hope you're doing great.(=^_^=)

How can i help you today?"
03/08/2012 05:41:12AM Sumeet: "Hi I need to buy parts of my laptop, studio 1440. Could you please advise me what is the link for electronics and assesories department"
03/08/2012 05:41:41AM Agent (Florentino C): "I'll be more than happy to assist you today = )"
03/08/2012 05:41:46AM Agent (Florentino C): "May I have the service tag please?"
03/08/2012 05:41:50AM Sumeet: "I like to order, cooling CPU fan of studio 1440"
03/08/2012 05:42:07AM Sumeet: "Kindly help :)"
03/08/2012 05:42:13AM Sumeet: "HBR3QK1"
03/08/2012 05:42:35AM Agent (Florentino C): "Thank you."
03/08/2012 05:42:37AM Agent (Florentino C): "Kindly give me a few minutes to check. = )"
03/08/2012 05:42:48AM Sumeet: "Like to Orr from India, like to know how to get it shipped?"
03/08/2012 05:42:52AM Sumeet: "Sure :)"
03/08/2012 05:44:03AM Agent (Florentino C): "Oh I do apologize Sumeet but Dell US does not ship items outside the country but you can contact our Dell India site on the link below:"
03/08/2012 05:44:13AM Agent (Florentino C) sends page: ""
03/08/2012 05:44:47AM Sumeet: "But there is no support of dell studio 1440 in india"
03/08/2012 05:45:01AM Sumeet: "So I am kind of struck in betwen"
03/08/2012 05:45:31AM Sumeet: "So I will take help of my friends in US to ship it to me from there"
03/08/2012 05:46:05AM Agent (Florentino C): "that would be a good option."
03/08/2012 05:46:11AM Sumeet: "However, I need a link or place where I can order from here and get it delivered in US"
03/08/2012 05:46:56AM Sumeet: "Kindly help me, please guide me what is the best way to place order?"
03/08/2012 05:47:11AM Agent (Florentino C): "Will you be using a US issued credit card?"
03/08/2012 05:48:18AM Sumeet: "I have Indian issue credit card, so if I have to use US credit card then, I'"ll my friend to buy"
03/08/2012 05:48:58AM Agent (Florentino C): "Good."
03/08/2012 05:49:55AM Agent (Florentino C): "Upon checking our brand new replacement stocks for your system unfortunately we do not have a cooling CPU fan available but I can check our refurbished parts. Would that be okay?"
03/08/2012 05:50:26AM Sumeet: "Yes that will ok"
03/08/2012 05:50:53AM Agent (Florentino C): "ok, please stay online."
03/08/2012 05:51:09AM Sumeet: "Sure"
03/08/2012 05:51:38AM Agent (Florentino C): "Thank you for waiting upon checking, we have one for $18.99 only."
03/08/2012 05:51:46AM Agent (Florentino C): "will you place the order now?"
03/08/2012 05:52:56AM Sumeet: "Can you give me link, I am trying to contact my friends in US and checking if someone is coming in few weeks time to India. So like to place order accordingly"
03/08/2012 05:53:16AM Sumeet: "Plus I need to ask my friend to place the order"
03/08/2012 05:53:37AM Sumeet: "Do u have any online link which I can send to the respective person"
03/08/2012 05:54:06AM Agent (Florentino C): "The item is not available online as it is a refurbished but I can provide you the part number."
03/08/2012 05:54:52AM Sumeet: "Yes, give me any detail which might be helpful when we will be buying and dell sales person can understand what we are talking about"
03/08/2012 05:55:42AM Agent (Florentino C): "The part number is M146P and if you have the information of your friend I can create a quote as well and send it to your email."
03/08/2012 05:57:03AM Sumeet: "Can you send a quote to me and I can forward that email to respective person, does that work."
03/08/2012 05:57:15AM Agent (Florentino C): "sure."
03/08/2012 05:57:17AM Agent (Florentino C): "I just need your complete name, address and phone number so i can create the Quote # reference now."
03/08/2012 05:57:40AM Agent (Florentino C): "and by the way, it should be a US address and phone number."
03/08/2012 05:58:32AM Sumeet: "Oh. Then i'll do it later. I need to get those detail ."
03/08/2012 05:58:43AM Agent (Florentino C): "ok : )"
03/08/2012 05:58:48AM Agent (Florentino C): "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
03/08/2012 05:59:03AM Sumeet: "Thanks for all the help"
03/08/2012 05:59:11AM Agent (Florentino C): "You are always welcome : )"
03/08/2012 05:59:13AM Sumeet: "Ur awesome :)"
03/08/2012 05:59:20AM Agent (Florentino C): "Thank you for your time and patience, as well. Take care! (^-^)"
03/08/2012 05:59:24AM Agent (Florentino C): "I hope you would take the time to fill out the survey after leaving this chat in order for us to improve our service."
03/08/2012 05:59:25AM Agent (Florentino C): "'Our Chat team strives to provide the very best level of customer service. If you have a minute, we would really appreciate your feedback to take the quick survey that will appear above this chat once the session ends. My manager gets all the feedback and"
  we use it to help our customers.'
03/08/2012 05:59:47AM Sumeet: "Ok"
03/08/2012 05:59:49AM Sumeet: "Bbbye"
03/08/2012 05:59:58AM Agent (Florentino C): "Thank you, I appreciate it : )"
03/08/2012 06:00:01AM Session Ended
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