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Dell / Dhl / left expensive electronics outside in weather

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Dell uses DHL shipping company to send electronics when purchased online. I purchased a very expensive piece of electronics and it was shipped by DHL out of California. I used the ability to track shipment online and saw they would attempt delivery on the 13th which is the day I was out of state on business. When I inquired, I was told Dell requires signatures on their electronics and they would attempt delivery and when I wasn't there, they would leave directions on my door how to pick up my delivery in person at their closest location. Dell also indicated signature required on my order. Just to make sure, I left a HUGE note on my door with a magnet clip telling the delivery person not to leave a package but to leave directions how I could pick it up next day (Friday) at their nearest location. when I returned home very late at night the 13th, there was the package, out in the weather, in plain sight on my doorstep. the note was still on my door, also in plain sight. when I complained to DHL, they sent back a canned email note "sorry we didn't meet your expectations". Dell has not responded. I won't buy from Dell again if they continue to use this shipper. I do not live in an area where electronics or other expensive items should be left in plain sight. I was so very lucky it wasn't stolen or badly damaged by weather. DHL is not a good shipping experience.

UPDATE: Dell responded and gave me a 15.00 credit for my inconvenience and were very responsive in their email reply. GREAT SERVICE from Dell. I just hope they don't use DHL in the future.

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      6th of Jun, 2008
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    A little over a month ago I bought a laptop from Dell. The laptop was assembled in Nashville TN and shipped to me in Louisville KY (if you don't know where those two cities are, I invite you to use any of the online map services).

    Dell of course shipped the laptop via DHL -- to turned a one day drive from Nashville to Louisville into a week-long odyssey while they bounced my laptop around two different facilities in Ohio and faked an "attempted delivery" before I finally got my laptop.

    After I complained loudly to both DHL and Dell, I received both email and telephone assurances from Dell that I could get future orders without having them shipped via DHL.

    In May, I ordered another Dell laptop and a mouse. Dell decided they would ship the mouse separately, with a projected ship date more than a week earlier than the laptop.

    The ship date for the mouse came -- and Dell "delayed" the shipment giving a new projected ship date a week later (but still earlier than the laptop).

    Today I checked the status on line and it said the order was "changed" (with no explanation of what was changed). The website gave a 800 number to call to find out what "changed" so I called the number. After wading through several layers of voice prompt menus I finally got someone in customer service (obviously overseas despite a fake American name) who first told me that the order was cancelled, not changed. Then told me that orders are never cancelled without notifying the customer; but that her system showed that my order was cancelled and did not show anything about anyone attempting to contact me. Her system also showed that my mouse had been cancelled for "incompatible configuration" meaning that the mouse I ordered (from Dell's website) was not compatible with the laptop I ordered (it was the mouse that Dell sells for this laptop when you order it online). After more than a half hour on the phone to get this much information, the girl offered to find the part number for the right mouse so I could reorder. Fifteen minutes later she had figured out that the part number for a wireless laptop mouse for a Dell Vostro laptop was the same number that they had just cancelled. She then transferred me to "Sales" for them to fix the problem.

    At Sales I got someone who finally admitted that the order for the mouse had been cancelled because the shipping instructions were "Not DHL" and that wasn't allowed. (Keep in mind that Dell had had the order for over a week, had delayed it once, and had now cancelled it - all without bothering to contact the customer; and all without also canceling the order for the laptop itself which was also listed the same way "Not DHL")

    I asked the Sales guy for his supervisor, so he transferred me to Dell's so-called Customer Care (not his supervisor), we went through the same nonsense all over again (now the third time) before the "Customer Care" lady passed me to her supervisor -- who assured me that no one could do anything about it because the computers are shipped by "Manufacturing" and "Customer Care" wasn't allowed to talk with Manufacturing.

    His best (HA!) idea was that he could annotate the order for Customer Care to keep track of the order and keep track of the shipment so they would know where my package was at all times. When I pointed out that this did not give them any control over the shipment he eventually admitted that it was really just the same tracking information that any customer would have available on the DHL website (the same way that I had watched my previous laptop bounced between two DHL facilities in Ohio and watched when DHL said that they had "attempted delivery" while we were home).

    By then I had been on the phone with Dell for one hour and twenty minutes and I had to leave for a meeting. The so-called "Customer Care" so-called "supervisor" was supposed to find out who had authority to do something and call me back -- of course he never did call back.

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