Dell / dell xps 8910

Watsonville, CA, United States

Bought computer in March 2017. Worked fine until 6/2/2017, at which point a blue screen with a serious error message displayed. I scanned the QR code on that message and was taken to a Dell page that said it "a memory error was detected; a new part will be shipped to you."

That part never arrived. I called on 6/7 and discovered that the dispatch had never taken place. I spent 90 minutes on the phone, pleaded with them to send it overnight since I paid for "next day, onsite service, " and was told that was impossible, that they would ship to me for self-install in 2 days. I asked them to send all new memory (i had 24GB - 2 8GB and 2 4GB), but they would only send one of each, telling me that I'd have to experiment to find the defective ones. I stated that I wasn't willing to do that kind of experimentation and would need a technician.

The next morning (6/8) a Worldwide Tech services technician called to say he had the part and scheduled to install later that day. He arrived, seemed extremely competent, was friendly and professional, but the memory problem did not resolve. He ordered a motherboard.

Yesterday, 6/12, I was scheduled for motherboard install, but a late call told me that the tech was called away on an emergency service call, and would come today. He came this morning, installed the new motherboard, and again the computer would not boot. He explored various diagnostics, conferred with Dell, and advised me that it could be the SSD drive, even though the diagnostics were still reporting memory errors.

I was told to call Dell again to get a new SSD. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I had to join a meeting at work. If my PC does get fixed, I'll have to reinstall all my software, and will need to call various companies to have my license transferred, since I will not be able to deregister on my now dead 3 month old computer.

At this point, I would prefer to simply return the computer, get my money back, and buy a different brand. Short of that, I believe that Dell should send me a new computer. This is a lemon, I've already spent 6-8 hours of my time trying to resolve a hardware issue not of my own making, and will undoubtedly spend that much time again before it possibly gets resolved.

Jun 13, 2017

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