Dell / Dell Inspirion 660spathetic quality & lackadaisical after sales

From: Mary Samuel [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 09 January 2015 23:11
To: '[protected]'
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Dear Mr. Dell,

I am a Senior Teacher & Head of Science at The Cathedral& John Connon School a premier educational institution of India, here in Mumbai.

After more than 12 years of a wonderful experience with an Indian HCL desk top computer, I made the terrible mistake of buying a Dell Inspirion 660s in August 2013 with the hard disk crashing yesterday for which your jokers in Delhi say that this could happen to any electronic product, a standard reply expected of man in the street working in a 4th rate garage.

Instead of helping resolve the problem, your people say that we would have to replace the hard disk at a cost of Rs.7000/- and I would just not be foolish or stupid to put my trust again in Dell by wasting another cent of money on a product which has proved to be of absolutely sub standard quality.

I had put my faith in Dell thinking that it was the best brand with a good built and would give me years of trouble free pleasant service but I was duped into this belief through your advertisements and promotion which has misguided me into buying your product a decision that I shall always regret as I have never been let down by any of the multinational consumer products we own.

As I feel cheated into buying a Dell product, I have no other alternative but to report this matter to the Consumer Guidance Society of India and the concerned federal authorities of the Government of India as well as potential domestic and international customers through the print and electronic media so that they are warned and alerted of the pathetic quality of your products.

It astonishes and amazes me that you have personally staked your own name into poor quality products and your people don’t have the faintest clue or idea of your organization structure and I would suggest that you learn of customer service from some of the professionally managed IT hardware companies in India who seem to have far better values and ethics then your company.

From my experience with DELL, I shall not be surprised if I do not receive a reply from you which would confirm my suspicion that your company is another fly by night operator who lives on gullible customers the world over with screw driver technology products masked with marketing gimmicks.

With regards, Mary Samuel

5 ‘Jeevan
30th Road,
Mumbai 400 050.

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Jan 13, 2015

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