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To whom it may concern:

I have today followed up and made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. With the intent of warning potential private and commercial customers of the inflexibility and lack of support to loyal customers they can expect when doing business with Dell. In making this BB complaint I observed many other complaints that Dell has chosen to ignore as a matter of standard business practice. To big to fail is the impression you promote. We have all seen that attitude cannot be relied upon.

The fact that my financial statement was sent to me 5 days after you added the interest charge is just another example of your intentional deception.

I will state this once again. You have deliberately and without full consideration chosen to put my campaign against doing business with Dell into action. It is the principle of doing proper business and valuing loyal customers not the technical legal details regarding money, that you have made the point.

You have lost my respect and my loyalty and will find that I am a respected engineer and one who will ensure private and corporate customers avoid working with Dell at all levels of business.

Supervisor Bong has made a grievous error in judgment by choosing to not even speak with me or to consider flexibility toward a respected loyal customer. His actions were degrading and his offer insulting.

You can expect additional communications to go out to my extensive customer base. Those communications will not include this one personal event. I have many documented technical quality issues I have not found the need to disseminate widely. You have triggered my need to send these documented issues with real life companies and references for verification to those customers I am working with who are currently considering Dell proposals.

Servers dead upon arrival, bad DIMMs, failed motherboards, thermal sensor failures, missing or wrong parts installed, outages that could not be resolved with in SLA etc. etc. In the past I have been willing to work through the many issues and try not to be unfairly judgmental. You have taught me that it is time now to go ahead and tell more accurately what I know and what my Dell customers have experienced firsthand. I will never recommend or sell another Dell product again.

My feeling is that you will not care or take any action in the end but never the less, I will do my part to be more upfront with your potential customers.

Good job Bong!


From: Fred Hubbs
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 1:26 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: Customer complaint

To whom it may concern:

I noticed today for the first time (Dec 10, 2018) that a purchase I had made for a monitor (Dec 4, 2017) financed using my DFS account was a "special no interest" offer for one year. I was completely unaware of this fact.

The monitor advertisement on your website made no mention regarding the price was based upon a one year no interest special deal. I am well aware how deals like this work. If they are not paid off before the end of the time limit, full interest for the entire time frame is charged against the financed amount.

The deceptive practice of not notifying customers that the end of such agreements are coming up is a common practice among many unscrupulous financial firms. It is only noted in monthly statements that customers seldom read when making just a single purchase. Especially once they have setup the automatic payment. This is a practice that is counted upon by lenders in order to increase revenue, not to mention the proverbial practice of the "fine print".

I do take responsibility for missing this detail of fine print. It would be nice to be able to trust the name Dell Financial Services to be above such skullduggery. Unfortunately however DFS chooses to follow the lowest common practice in the industry.

I must explain my extreme position regarding the service I received when I contacted DFS customer service located in Manila, Philippines. I spoke with Joy who followed every professional requirement she is held to. I was denied the opportunity to speak directly with the supervisor, Bong. I asked for Bong to understand that I was not aware of the special deal and that it expired 5 days before my call which resulted in $245 dollars being added to my balance. I was offered a meager $80 dollar credit for my misunderstanding. I requested that they allow the forgiveness of the entire amount considering just 5 days, of admittedly. my ignorance about the special detail of this purchase and that I am making full payment today. My request was flatly denied.

As stated, my intention was to pay the entire amount due on the spot to avoid this additional interest but $80 dollars was all they were willing to do for me. I rejected the $80 dollars as an insult considering my loyalty and reliability as a Dell customer. I decided to pay the full amount including all added interest rejecting the $80 dollar reduction and then immediately closed my DFS account on the spot. I personally will never make another Dell Technologies purchase again.

It is important to add additional details for your edification. I am a Lead IT Engineering Architect. Respected in my field in a very small world of architects at this level. I have worked for many major corporations in my 30 year career and have built an exceptional reputation My work includes corporations that would be as impressive a list of any architect you have ever dealt with. I even know Michael Dell as an acquaintance and am fully aware of his efforts to bring Dell into the mainstream of the infrastructure datacenter world. His purchase of EMC and their federated corporations was a huge move of $64 billion dollars, to leverage this goal.

Dell has never been a top tier infrastructure provider for companies that I make recommendations for. I can tell you that from this day forward, I will use all my influence and reputation to steer corporations away from all Dell Technology infrastructure purchases. Dell servers to EMC storage and other technologies owned by Dell Technologies where ever possible. This all due to 5 days of missing a deadline that I was not aware of and all for just $245 dollars in interest.

I can assure you that the extra $245 dollars you made with your unscrupulous business practice and poor choice will end up costing Dell Technologies hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. I will make it my practice to spread the word among the many respected decision making architects I work with daily (who without my input have already been skeptics of Dell Technology infrastructure products) to avoid doing business with a company with such little respect and willingness to lend support to even their loyal customers.

This email will also be forwarded to a list of 5 Dell Technology leaders I have had a personal relationship with for many years.


Dec 11, 2018

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