Dell Computers / did not contain promised/paid for software

Rego Park, NY, United States
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I purchase a dell inspiron on may 2, 2017. dell purchase id [protected]
Through sales representative marco angelo d quintana [protected]. I was quoted $919.53 for the laptop which would include microsoft student. the sole purpose of this purchase was for schoolwork.

I receive my laptop and lo and behold it does not contain any software in which I paid for. what purpose does a laptop with no word processor serve for a college student that needs to type assignments? should I just sit and stare at the beautiful computer? yeah, that will certainly help me get a passing grade.

I call up dell and get transferred to a representative. she asks me to send her the chat log where the represented stated he would include the microsoft student and office software. I provide it to her and she agrees that I was indeed promised this software. she tells me dell would be sending me a coupon within 2 days covering the cost of the software.

3 days pass and I receive nothing. I speak to another representative to assures me I would get it in a day.

I receive the coupon and it is faulty and does not work. I call dell again and get passed around like a hot potato. most of the lovely indian representatives were pleasant. I did, however, receive one rude, arrogant _.

I hang up on him and call back and speak with another representative who tells me there is nothing she can do and they need to assign me a case manager.

I am not over 1 week with a useless computer and precious time without being able to complete an assignment. I should not have to pay for software which I already paid for!

May 10, 2017

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