DELLrebate scam

A dear friend recommended I purchase a dell computer. In December I purchased an inspiron 1721 laptop. I only had dial up service available so a laptop would let me do large downloads with wi fi. There were the usual start up problems with service packs destroying the operating system but the tech support got me through this (and the problem was with Word Perfect and Vista) and it works moderately well. But a perfect storm was brewing.

Fiber optics were finally coming to our road. My phone co chose to discontinue our local phone service unless we purchased a very expensive service. We shopped alternatives and contracted for local service and a high speed connection. These work well but we were under a deadline for changing our local service. No longer is it a flipping of a switch for fiber optics had to be installed. Could they hurry and complete the fiber work before the other company pulled the switch? Fortunately they could, and did with a crew that came from 400 miles away. Dummy here dropped my dial up ISP before they sent me my rebate and gift certificate�this also changed my email address under which I purchased and registered the computer.

I had purchased the laptop with a promised rebate and a gift certificate for registering and when they did not come I called (probably in early February) and was told it was too late to find out about the rebate and gift certificate. My request simply hit a dead end in customer care and I could not speak with a supervisor.

In July 2008 I heard about this web site and wrote to dell that they cheated me and before I make my complaint I felt they should have an opportunity to reply, they did. Same answer, �we can do nothing�.

I am free at last as the computer is paid for and dell financial cannot play �gotcha� with a �deferred finance charge� so I will freely tell one and all that If Dell wants to give you a rebate simply tell them �no thanks, just drop the sales price by that much. They cheated me and I will never buy from them again.


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