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To whom it may concern,
I am an American consumer who is getting sick of being taken advantage of and now I need to share this story so people know what they are getting into.
I was looking to purchase a laptop computer and I started to do some research. I found a great deal through on a Dell Alienware M17x R3 and a Netgear Push 2 TV 2000. Now I wanted the Netgear Push 2 TV 2000, so I can transmit whatever I am seeing on my computer screen onto my TV screen wirelessly.
So, first I went and checked Netgear’s website and they said the Dell Alienware M17x R3 is compatible with their Netgear Push 2 TV 2000. Just to confirm, I went and called Dell and talked to a sales person and they said the same thing. If I would purchase these two items, they would be compatible.
So, I priced the computer through Dell’s website and it came out more expensive than Amazon. I thought it was weird, but I went ahead and purchased it through
On March 8, 2012, I started to set them up. I came into problem, where the Laptop was not recognizing the Push 2 TV 2000. So, I called Netgear and they told me it should, and if I have any problems I need to call Dell.
So, I hung up and called Dell tech support. As always the call got rerouted to India.
I told the technician what was going on and he said he will need 30 min., and if we get disconnected he would call me back. I said no problem let’s get it done. He took control of my laptop at around 9:30 AM and started going through the motions. He uninstalled, installed and said it is a software issue. My warranty only covers hardware. He also said I could get this done once I purchase the software warranty for $205. I said here is my credit card.
So, they charged me and he started working on it. Three hours later, he said I am not sure what else I can do; I am going to transfer you to a senior technician. As they were transferring me, he dropped the call. Ten minutes later, they never called back.
So, I called back and told them what had happened. They asked for all the information again. Now a lady technician also went through the motions, but I told her I need to speak to a senior technician since that is where I was going. She refused and said, no need, I will take care of the problem.
Two hours later, she said I am going to transfer you to my supervisor. So, she transfers me and he does the same things and now another hour is gone by with nothing done. My laptop desktop looked like a mess, from them downloading things, uninstalling things and installing other things.
Than the Supervisor/manager tells me he is going to transfer me to Alienware tech support agent. I said why did this not happen from the beginning? He said it is a process. I said I have been with you for six hours; you guys are driving me insane. So, he tries to transfer me, but the line gets dropped again. So, now I was very upset. I wasted a whole day with these people on the phone to know end. So far I paid $1, 590 for the laptop, $91 for the Netgear and $205 for software warranty, with no solutions!
So, I go online and look up Alienware tech support, it turns out they are in Costa Rica. So, I talked to these people. They were much nicer, I could understand them and they can understand me. Now they take control of my laptop yet again and the guy tells me, sorry but you are missing a Sibean card and a larger memory. In order for Netgear Push 2 TV 2000 to work with your laptop, you need to purchase $800 worth of stuff or upgrade as he called it. I went nuts.
I said you need to connect me to your refund department so they can refund me the $205. He was very nice and he stayed with me until I was connected, so the call won’t be dropped. After I explained the story yet again, they guy finally refunded me the money, 1 hour later. Now I have been on the phone with Dell for about 7 hours. Now, in your opinion is this right? Is this customer service?
I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau on Thursday evening. By Friday around noon time I had an email from a Senior VP of Marketing in Dell telling me that the problem will be solved by the end of the day Friday and that someone will call me.
Tuesday, I received a phone call from a Dell customer service representative telling me that they will call back later. He did not leave a phone number or name.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012, the same guys emails me, his name is Sajith Narayanan a member of Dell’s Executive Customer Support Team. He is located in Austin Texas.
So, I call him and he says, what is the issue? now I would think that since you are calling me, you would have the notes and my issue in front of you or at least you would have read them.
So, I started telling him the story, when he interrupts me and tells me to hold on since his phone was running out of power. Seriously! Where are we living? Are we in a third world country? I mean I paid top dollar to get a great laptop and great customer service and I end up with this. How is this right?
He says let me look into the issue and I will get back to you. So, I hang up and in about 30 minutes, Sajith Narayanan calls me back and tells me we can offer you $50 gift card towards the trouble we caused you.
I said WHAT? Are you kidding me? I spent all this money, and spent all this time with technicians for you to offer me this? I make $150 per hour mister!
What an insult.
He said what can I do to make you happy? I said make it work just like the Dell associate told me it would work before I purchased it.
He said, to make it work you need a new graphics card and upgrade to your memory card and that would be around $800.
I said I will not pay this. There is no way. He said well I am sorry, and that was that.
He did not offer to meet me half way, he did not say well let me see what I can do, let me do my best. Nothing!
He told me to return it to Well, Amazon will charge me $300 for this return. And this is a Dell product; don’t you want to stand behind your product?
I am a very unhappy customer and Dell should be ashamed of them for hiring people like this.
This needs to be resolved ASAP!
Someone help me. Help the US consumer. This is crazy. We keep outsourcing jobs to places where they have no respect, no courtesy, and no nothing.
We pay lots of money for products that should work and have great customer service, yet we get nothing in return. That is just wrong.
If this the future of American companies, than I will support all the companies, except for AMERICAN!

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      15th of Nov, 2012

    I've dealt with Sajith Narayanan from Dell "Executive Support". First off, he is not located in Texas, rather a call center in India. He is the worst representative you could imagine - a complete nightmare - and the sole reason I have stopped doing business with Dell. He's a rude, aggressive and unprofessional fellow that's for sure.

    I am sending a certified letter to Dell corporate office to investigate his abusive behavior. This guy needs to be accountable for his actions and I believe I'm doing Dell a favor by making them aware of how he treats their customers.

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