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Dell / 1 Desktop And 3 Laptops / collecting money from a debt consolidation program and reffering my account to a collection agency

1 P.O. Box 6403Carol Stream, IL, United States
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February 25, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam

The reason for this correspondence is to get clarity...I just received a letter from a collection agency called United Recovery Systems, which is a Collection agency on behalf of Dell. There number is [protected].On October of 2009 I entered a debt consolidation program called American C.C.C., telephone # [protected], which included all my debts including the Dell account. I was under the impression that Dell had accepted the proposal since they have been accepting the payment ACCC has been sending to them. Although I am unemployed I have been paying my fees with my unemployment checks on a monthly basis. I could have taken the easy way out and gone bankrupt, but as a single mom/dad/grandmother and grandfather I am doing my best to work on my credit, so that my dream comes through someday, which is to purchase a small home for my children and granddaughter.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what happened with Dell, because when I completed the application online, their agency is on the drop down list. I can’t believe that Dell would deny my ability to want to pay them back through a debt consolidation program, however is taking my money and still wants a collection agency to retrieve the payment in full. Again, I could have taken the easy way out and gone bankrupt, but that wasn't a choice for me, I really want to fix my credit being that I am still unemployed. The balance on the collection agency is 3, 102.33, however there is no way I am paying near that money because of all the discrepancies I've had with the desktop I purchased, which crashed not even two months later. Dell did send me a new hard drive after I had lost all of my assignments for my masters degree. In addition, not even 6 months later it happened again, this time I had to go to staples and purchase my own hard drive, which till this day it has been working fine.

In addition, I purchased 3 laptops for my children’s Christmas gifts, again, not even 6 months later they all crashed and when I tried calling dell the representative would not transfer me to a technician unless I pay a fee. Meanwhile, all my laptops have a two year warranty. I would like to settle but for the pain and suffering of wasting my money with dell, believing they were a reputable company, losing all my children’s pictures and my grandbaby’s, which I could not retrieve is so painful. I want an affordable settlement considering everything I had to go through with the desktop and three laptops. We are all discouraged. Anything you can do for me will be greatly appreciated.

Nevertheless, I don't have the money to pay this amount in full. With the economy the way it is and how it has been difficult to obtain a job I am barely making it on my own with three children and a granddaughter as a single mom/dad. When I was employed I was paying them practically in full and had a low balance, now Dell want to mess up my credit after I am trying my best as a single mom to overcome the statistics some agencies already have, especially of single moms living in the South Bronx. Even with all these obstacles I was able to obtain my associates, bachelors and masters and to no avail when it comes obtaining employment. I am hoping we can work something out. Also, once if this account is settled I want a General Release Letter from my debt for my records. Thanking you I shall remain for your immediate response to this very serious matter.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact me at [protected].


Angela Blanco
ACCOUNT# [protected]
URS# [protected]

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