Del Taco / food complaint

United States

saturday night, our family was craving for some del taco dinner.
went to your store 0076 at 8.50pn (8/18/2018) under recide, 20113.
what we got was nothing but terrible plates, burrito was so bad, it was suppose to be a chicken burrito food but very little chicken and the rest was beens and. tortia bread was soggy and not eatable. we couldn't finish our food due to being so bad.
I don't mind paying for the food that is worth to eat but never, experienced such a horrible and untasty food.
Please help us to understand, why we should have this kind of meal, when you charged us for the decent meal price. we didn't touch one of our plate, and other one, halfway through and out in a trash .
this was our saturday night dinner excitement to share!
sahra & bob zand
phone [protected]

Aug 19, 2018

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