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Debonairs Pizza / complaint against the manager & service at century city debonairs

1 Cape Town Century City, South Africa

I placed an order of 2 pizzas for my mom & I at the Debonairs Century City Branch & received a buzzer, my mom & waited & waited and the buzzer did not go off so I told my mom I must go find out wat is happening only to find my order along with many others waiting on the counter top. When I explained that the buzzer did not go off yet I seems order there I was asked where was I standing & I said just around the cnr then was given my order I felt that pizza in this & immediately told that assistant tht the pizza was cold & tht I wasn't happy with th fact that is was laying on the counter & no indication that it was done, no beep fm th buzzer. I expressed not being happy about it & was told tht he will call the manager. The manger came never even introduced himself but u immediately explained that the buzzer did not go off but my pizza was lying on the counter & it is cold asked him to touch it but he refused saying his hands was dirty then sad but thbox is warm. No apology! I then said yes tht may b tht the box at the bottom is warm but the pizza is cold & again said u can feel it cause I did. He gave me such a horrible look tht I actually cud not believe this man. He then said where was I standing so I said as I mentioned to his assistant, he said that buzzer do not carry tht range & tht his people wud have told me that pizza wud take 15-20 Min to b done so I said to him, noone said anything bout time & tht is not the point cause I received a buzzer & it did not go off, he said again but my people wud have told u the pizza will take 15-20min again I had to repeat myself and say noone said anything about time & if they buzzer has no range was I supposed to stand in front of the counter & wait for it. He just kept giving me a look tht disturbed me even more. Tht man Gafni customer services skills nor any common decent etiquette. He then said I will have others made & I said how long will that take cause check the time on my slip & check the time now I have already waited more than an hour for 2 pizzas he said 15min & I said tht is not acceptable y not give me 2 from the counter there was so many on there & he said he can't give me others then said again I will make others I said again I am not prepared to wait he just gave me another stared look as if he was annoyed & more angry than wat I shud b being the customer, I cud not believe wat I was going thru I was so sick to my stomach as Neva before have I Eva Experienced such bad service let alonw disgraceful attitude from a manager. He walked away saying he will try to get it done &, out in 8min I was so in shock I cud not respond immediately then shortly after possibly within a minute or 2 I asked the assistant to call the manager & say I want my money back. He said can't he will shout at me which shocked me even more it seemed this guy was scared of the manager & was possibly shouted at before. I said please call him cause I want my money back. You wud think tht was all but it got worst. My experience of bad service received went to a whole other level. The manager Guy came with an even worst attitude & refused to give my money back said the pizzas was in the oven already I told him well I do not want them pizzas any longer & that I wud like my money back, he again Refused & insisted that the pizzas was already in the oven I then had to demand my money back & said directly to him "I do not want your pizzas I want my money back & was forced to raise my voice which in not my character at all especially after asking if he thinksi was lying earlier. This man forced meto get angry which was not wat I wanted I wanted service. My mom at the time was waiting & hungry. He then demanded me to give th slip or he can't give my money back, I told him I am keeping the slip he can printing another take th reference from the lip. He said he can give my money back if dnt give my slip & gave me another look. I said I will not cause I am going to report him & need th slip as evidence he said then he can't give my money bavk with attitude. Then I said well take a photo wit your phone & I will keep the slip. He refused & said he will not give my money bavk without a slip. I cud not understand who is this man, he can't b a manager Neva... I asked his name again & started writing it down on the back of the slip, he then said to me I want the slip or u can't get your money & you must put your details on there, I ignored him & continued writing, I felt like leaving without the money but thought No! Tht is my money gosh! Do I said here is the slip & he then said I need your contact number so I said I refuse to give my contact number, he then said again then I can't give your money back, this man kept threatening me to say I cud not get my money u can imagine wat I felt at that time cause I can honestly say, words can't describe, I took out my phone & took a pic of the back & front of the slip. He wrote his name on another slip & gave the to me & said I want the slip to give your money back. So I took a pic of tht too & took it. He must have asked another assistant to give my money back cause he walked away without saying anything, I took it & left I told my mom wat had happened & she said she was so concerned cause I took so long & got worried Theni said this man was do rude. We left & stopped at KFC at the Shell garage outside & u wud not believe the Amazing service I witnessed from the manager there towards both the staff & a customer.

I would appreciate it tht this be addressed as a grave concern, I wud not like others to experience wat I did let alone my emotions. I do not think tht tht manager shudeven manage staff but shud go on a soft skills cause as well as learn extensively on wat customer centrics is all about!

Debonairs Pizza
Debonairs Pizza

Dec 27, 2017

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