Debenhams / daniel wellington strap

Nicosia, Cyprus

To whom it may concern:
I would like to complain about an incident that has occurred few weeks ago. I came to Debenhams (Olympia) on the 17th of September at approximately 13:00 to buy a watch. There, I saw a Daniel Wellington strap which I liked for some time, specifically the Classic Durham, and asked the employee there to give it to me. I even showed her which specific strap I wanted. What she gave me was a much darker one and when I told her that this is not what I want she told me not to worry and it will eventually become the colour I want with time. As it turns out, she gave me the wrong strap indeed (Dapper St Mawes) which, for me, looks like an old, overused strap that I would never wear.

After two weeks, I visited Debenhams (Mall of Nicosia – as I live in Nicosia) and explained them what had happened and showed them the strap. They told me that they can do nothing about it because I do not have the receipt and the strap has been worn. They took pictures of the strap and told me that they would ask from the suppliers to give them another one, which, of course, as I have also told them, is completely unreasonable as the product is not faulty but your employee simply gave me the WRONG product and even misinformed me that the colour would change! I find this unacceptable. The reason I don’t have the receipt is because I would never change the strap IF it was the correct one. Furthermore, you can see all the details of my purchase from my ERMES card.

I don’t find it reasonable to keep the wrong product since it was 100% your employee’s fault. I am a customer of your stores for many years now, from when Woolworth first opened, which you can confirm from my card. I have never complained about anything but this is something that I find really unfair. What I am asking is to return the WRONG product and get what I have initially requested for.

I really hope that I will get the proper response from you and in the future your employees should get a better training with regard to the products they are selling.

Kind regards,
Myria Aza

Phone number for the card: [protected]
Contact number:[protected]

Oct 17, 2017

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