Days Inngetting shut down

Hello, My name is Terra Habeck.
5/16/16-10/25/16 I stay at the days inn on 3955 empire lane n plymouth Minnesota.
Which is now a (being redone) building has been for almost 2 years. Anyways on 10/25/16 when i was about 7 months pregnant we got a knock on the door from the manager (Chris) saying that we had to leave and we only had like 2 hours, now we are wondering why? Because of black mold & bed bugs! I did have quite a few bed bug bites but the worst part? I was pregnant and i had complications because i was so exposed to all of this, which could have been deadly to my unborn child.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Plymouth, MN I have proof of staying there and paying this whole time from receipts i had them print off. Its taken some time to get those recipts tracked down so its been quite sometime after me staying there. But this is my compromise, i want paid back all the money i spent on this hotel during my stay here because while staying this hotel got condemed and shut down by the health department which should be telling you something because thats not easy do to. And if this isnt paid back in full i will ve filing a lawsuit with my own lawyer representing me.
Thank you.
Terra Habeck
[protected] (cell)

Nov 22, 2018

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