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David's Bridal / Horrible Service at Not 1 but 2 locations!

1 Nashville, TN, United States

I'll be in wedding number 10 in May. I'm starting to get excited about this one because the plans are coming together. The bride is letting us pick which dress we want to wear (Yay!) out of a few options that she selection. So, I've been trying to get to a David's Bridal to try one of the options on. I went to the David's Bridal in Antioch on Monday to find out that it no longer exists (Go Figure...let's just shut Antioch down why don't we?). That left me with three David's Bridals to go to - none of which are in Nashville - all of them at least 30 minutes away. *sigh*

So, I decided to go to Cool Springs to the David's Bridal. We can call this one DB1 since it's the first one I went to TODAY. I walk in and no one is sitting at the front desk. I'm weary of going into bridal shops and just roaming around because it's a specialty store. So, I wait...

And wait...

And wait...

Suddenly, this woman appears and says, "Did you need something?"

I proceed to tell her that I am in a wedding in May and I need to try on 2 dresses that the bride selected. I proceed to show her the list and she kind of waves it off. She explains that I would need to be fitted and that I may have to wait a few minutes. I told her that it was fine and asked her where the bathroom was. Despite her slight attitude, I proceed on to the bathroom and then went to the racks to try and find the dress.

The dresses were haphazardly placed on the rack but I was able to find the ones that I needed. They weren't all in my size but I picked a few as samples so that they wouldn't have to search feverishly for them. When I get to the desk, she says, "Let me see if I can find someone to help you." I said, "Great! I just thought I'd get these dresses as samples." When she returns, she says, "We're really busy right now. Is there anyway you can come back because... (AND THIS IS THE PART THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF)'re obviously frustrated and can't wait."

Without even pondering that she just made an assumption about me and my feelings, I said, "You know what? I'm good. I'll just go to another David's Bridal. Have a good day."

Her: Please don't leave.

That was instance Number 1. The second instance happened 2 hours afterward the first instance. As I'm ordering my dinner, I decide to try and make an appointment at the David's Bridal in Murfreesboro for this evening. I call and make an appointment for 7PM. I get lost trying to find it but eventually found it. I was a few minutes late but I called ahead to let them know that I would be late.

I walk into the store and (again) no one was sitting at the desk. I know they must be busy. However, the girl that was walking through carrying a dress could have said, "I'll be right with you ma'am.". Keep in mind I MADE AN APPOINTMENT THIS TIME. So, I wait...

...and wait...

...and wait some more.

Finally, I decided to start walking around to see if I see anyone. I see a woman walking through the store. She was busy but caught my eye and said, "May I help you?" So, I told her the same thing I told the last woman. Being that I noticed she was busy, I said, "I'm going to go ahead and start looking for the dresses.". She said, "That's totally fine! I'll be right with you in a second!"

So, I go back into the racks. I lost the paper I had written the serial numbers on so I went back through the emails in my phone. I found the dresses and came back out to get waited on. The girl I saw earlier was having a conversation with another woman who worked there. Neither one of them acknowledged me. So, I wait...

...and wait...I move to another spot in the room...and I wait...

The girl I saw earlier was now playing on the computer. At this point, I put the dresses down on a chair and leave David's Bridal...PISSED.

When I get home, I start to search for an email address or phone number to report my complaint. They have nothing of that sort on the website. Therefore, I call the only other David's Bridal near the Nashville area to discuss the matter. While talking to the manager, I break down crying. For several reasons:

1. I feel like I've been discriminated against.
2. I just drove to 2 David's Bridals outside of Nashville.
3. It was just plain rude and uncalled for.

The woman I spoke with at Rivergate apologized repeatedly. I made an appointment with her and she promised that I would be taken care of. She stated that they will be BUSY but I will be taken care of when I come in on Saturday. She also gave me the name and number of someone to call and report this to.

All I know is, I WILL NOT be using David's Bridal when I get married. They can kiss my...


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