Dan Murphy'scharged wrong

i was charged for 2 bottles of Glenfeddich, however i only purchased 1 bottle. i went home without noticing it.
my wife just went through the receipt and asked me how many bottles of Glenfeddich i have got. i said to her only one.
she showed me the receipt and i was shocked to see that dan murphy has charged me for 2 bottles.
i went back to the store and requested the staff member to check the cameras. they looked at the cameras and gave me a refund. i asked the staff member whats their policy for or code of conduct for wrong scanning and excessive charging to customers. Staff member said that they have no such policy in place and replied that they have smart scanners which pick up wrong scanning and error happened as it was busy.

well i think being busy is good but it should not be an excuse for charging your customers wrong. Secondly i would not say that the scanners were smart as this error was not picked up in my case.

my wife look at the receipt and it came into our notice. Had it gone unnoticed i would have been ripped off by Dan Murphy.

i have retained both receipts as proof of purchase which have been attached as attachment as well.
Time of Incident : 2010hrs
date : 29/03/18
Store : Melton Dan Murphy's Victoria Australia
TRANS 1871

dan murphy should have some policy in place for wrong scanning and excessive charging.
thanking you in anticipation
kind regards
Gurtej Aulakh
STORE 3257
POS : 004

Thanking you in anticipation

Dan Murphy's

Mar 29, 2018

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