Dan Murphy's Belconnen/ Customer service / an impolite staff whose name is michael tortely

Today (6 June 2018) I visited the Dan Murphy's store at Belconnen about 6pm. I have been visiting this store for years. Unexpectedly, I had a very awful shopping experience this time. I wanted to ask a staff whose name is Michael Tortely for help, before listening to my questions first, he asked me to show my I.D. very impolitely. I was confused because the 'help' could be anything not necessarily related to alcohol. I shown my I.D., but unfortunately, my partner left her I.D. on our car. Hence, he forced us to leave immediately. We were happy to leave because we knew the rules, even if his attitude was very offensive.

My partner was already outside the store while I was returning the shopping basket. However, during this short period, Michael stared at my partner (a young lady) from face to toe which actually scared my partner and he also pointed at her and mumbling... Therefore, I came to argue with him politely, but his attitude was really aggressive. I wanted to talk to the store manager and Michael claimed that he was the manager (hopefully this is real?), then when I asked him for apologise to the lady, he went away directly.

What even confused us was, that he kept looking at us offensively even if we were already outside the store. There were many other customers in the store, but we were the only foreign customers at that time. He paid all his attentions on us and never checked any other persons for the I.D..We think these unfriendly attitude and racist behaviour are really disrespectful and not professional. Dan Murphy's should train their staff better.

Jun 06, 2018

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