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Dallas BBQ / Poor customer service and fraud

1 241 WEST 42 STREET, MANHATTAN 10036New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 212-221-9000

I went to BBQ in Time Square tonight and was treated like garbage! I was extremely distraught with the way I was spoken to by the 3 managers at this location. Me and my friend went to this restaurant 2/22/2010 after work at 9:00pm. We were seated and the waiter asked us what we wanted. We both ordered drinks, I ordered a strawberry frosted drink, and my friend ordered the special which was a strawberry long island ice tea. When we received the drinks, we both began to drink ours, immediately my friend said hers didn't taste right. We then proceeded to tell the waiter and the waiter said the manager would have to come and talk to us about her drink. While we were waiting for the manager our food arrived and I was quite surprised that my meat was burnt and inedible, this is not the first time I have been to BBQs and ordered both the strawberry frozen drink and the rotisserie chicken, which tasted great when I had them in the past. When the manager arrived my friend told him the drink did not taste right and she would like him to replace it for a plain strawberry frozen drink. The manager told her very rudely that we don't do that 'anymore.' We were taken back by this remark, and then said what are you talking about. He said we don't return drinks, and we said we don't want to return it we want a different one because this doesn't taste right. He refused to take the drink back and I told him that we just won't pay for it! My friend asked for a glass of water and he went to go and get it and when he brought it back I asked him why my chicken was burnt, he said all chicken that comes off the rotisserie is burnt, this is a lie. I have eaten this chicken before and it was not burnt. The server brought a new piece of chicken and it’s burnt as well. The server left the chicken and when I spoke to the manager he said do you want another one that isn't burnt, and I told him that is what I should have gotten to begin with. I told he could take the entire plate of food I didn't want anything. During the time period of waiting for the manager to come back and forth to our table I ate the baked potato, do you know he put the baked potato on the bill! The server brought the bill over with the drink on it that my friend said didn't taste right, we told the manager we weren't going to pay for this and he still put in the bill. We left the amount of money for my friend entree and my drink and proceeded to leave. When we arrived downstairs the two men asked us about the bill and we told them that she did not like the taste of the drink and one man had the audacity to say that we are adults and we made the choice to order the beverage. Things were getting out of hand and I said the customer service I received has been awful and he said if I felt this way I shouldn't come back. I said I wouldn't and walked out, and told them to call the police because I wasn't arguing with them anymore. I work every day and for this restaurant to think I merely didn't want to pay $10 for a drink is ludicrous, I merely wanted to get another one based upon the taste, the drink more likely has soap residue in it. But they don't change beverages, working in the food and beverage industry that doesn't even seem legal or healthy. I believe the practice that they stated was based upon the clientele they attract. I don't believe they would treat a different clientele in this manner. I want an apology.

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      27th of Mar, 2010
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    not sure if you received an apology, but good luck. i went there around the same time and our server never returned to the table. no cutlery, no napkins, ketchup, nothing. luckily the hostess was pleasant and got the items for us. upon leaving, the server returned with the check and stood next to the table waiting for us to pay. we informed him that we would not pay his suggest gratuity but would leave a smaller tip. he refused and we called for the manager. the manager refused as well. could have cared less was his response. we paid on separate cards with one of our guests picking up the gratuity. wouldn't you know the server went ahead and still charged me a portion of the gratuity even though it was paid in full on another card?! it's been a month and i am still waiting for their operations manager Eric Levine to get back to me. these folks are lawless.

  • Sa
      8th of May, 2010
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    I went to BBQ in 132 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003, Telephone number 212-777-5574 on May 7, 2010. I order to take out: 2 Dinners Ribs and 1 French fries, 1 COLE SLAW, 1 BT-ICED TEA, I BT- LEMONADE AND 1 BT-DR PEPPER for total amount $ 34.64.
    I gave my CREDIT CARD and the transaction was approve, signed the credit slip and handle to the waiter. The waiter stated to write my credit card number in the approved credit bill and after he finish I question him WHY are you doing that? The clerk informed me to my disbelieved that IT WAS COMPANY’S POLICY. I demanded the credit slip’ and paid cash.
    It is amassing that this is company policy, it smell to me LIKE someone was planning to commit FRAUD.

  • Cu
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    Had the world's worst salmon there tonight at 23rd and 8th in Manhattan. Inedible [censor] that tasted like bad chicken. My daughter, who hates fish, agreed with me when I made her try a piece that it did not taste like fish. Both of us got sick from it! I've loved this chain for over 20 years, but the way I was treated tonight I don't want to EVER go back. The manager there was such an [censor] I couldn't believe it. Their attitude was "This is the way we make it, we fry it in the same oil as the chicken, so maybe that's why it tastes like that." Who the HELL deep-fries salmon for a SALAD!!! The manager wouldn't even bother coming to the table. They wouldn't take it off the bill. Finally, when I threaten to walk out without paying the bill unless the meal was taken off of it the manager came and gave me MAJOR attitude. Ribs there are good, but trying to eat healthier now and Dallas B-B-Q is horrible if you want something other than ribs. I'm calling the friggin corporate office tomorrow and getting this guy fired. NOBODY treats me like that and gets away with it.

  • Mo
      7th of Oct, 2011
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    These guys take all credit cards and use a pencil to etch the numbers on them. They have access to your full name and security code on front or back of card. We arrived in NYC at midnight from out of town. When we were ready to check out I noticed the waiter (Carlos) came back with the receipt and it was inside a credit card folder with several etched credit cards on register receipts. I asked him why they did this and his response was because it is company policy and this way they guarantee to get paid. At 3:00 in the morning (probably after Carlos left work) received a call for an order to be shipped to Detroit. Walmart got suspicious because the billing address of the card and mailing address were different. I canceled the card. Walmart left a message on my answering machine. I contacted the restaurant the next morning and spoke to the manager after being disconnected twice. He told me Eric Levine would return my call. He never did within 48 hours so I cancelled the transaction. Why is it when you stay in a 200.00 hotel they simply take your card and run it through the machine, but yet these schmucks feel they want to put the trust in their waiters and waitresses? Do not use a credit card here!!!

  • Ha
      5th of Oct, 2012
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    I work for a very large organization which frequents Manhattan several times throughout the year. At least twice during our stay in Manhattan, my associates and l bring a large party to your 42 Street location. Despite the poor service we receive every time we visit, we chose to patronize the business because of the outstanding food and drinks they are known to provide. When I totaled up the amount of service just my organization brought to the 42st locations this year alone it was approximately five thousand dollars.
    Today I informed the company unless I receive an apology from the manager Mariano along with a refund of $ 9.99 + tax, neither myself, my organization, my friends and family, their friends and families, or anyone who will read the unfavorable review myself, my co-workers, my family and friends, and their associates will post on the web and their social media about your business; will frequent their establishment any longer.
    To be honest, I was shocked by the way Mariano handled the issue. I was at the 42 Street establishment two months ago with my family when I accidently dropped a ketchup bottle into my strawberry daiquiri. It was an accident and when I brought it to the attention of the waitress she said she would speak with the manager. I don’t know the manager’s name but whoever it was is the reason I am writing now. Whoever the manager was s/he graciously replaced my drink free of charge. I was very grateful since the manager did not have to replace my drink due to my clumsiness and I repaid the managers’ kindness and the establishment with further patronage from myself, my organization, my family and friends, and word of mouth.
    Two days ago I again took a large party to the 42 Street location, where we endured slow service but were rewarded with good food and drinks. Two of my co-workers raved about the pineapple crush. It was for this reason we again (5 Oct 12) frequented the location where I ordered the pineapple crush. I took one sip and was completely repulsed. This was not the same drink I sipped two days ago. Wanting to be sure it was not due to something I ate, I asked the two gentlemen who ordered the drinks two days ago to taste it. Both of them said it was not the same drink they tasted and neither of them, who had raved about the drink just two nights ago, wanted anything more to do with the drink. After raising my hand like I was in grade school for about three to four minutes Mariano came over. I explained what had transpired and the two gentlemen also told him it was not the same drink they tasted two days ago. I even offered him the right to taste the drink himself and confirm the drink was off. He declined but also declined to exchange the drink sighting policy. When I explained I have exchanged a drink before he refused. Trying to make the best of a quickly deteriorating situation, I again tried the drink but less than a few sips later I called the waiter over and told him something was terribly wrong with the drink. I could not drink it and simply wanted it removed from my bill. The waiter brought Mariano over who very rudely told me “we talked about this you cannot have a exchange or refund due to police” I again explained I knew that was not the truth and informed him if he persisted he would lose a lot of money over the price of one drink. He stated he would rather lose our patronage than correct an issue, because he felt it would lead to more loss. Since I know this not to be true I was extremely angered. That is when I began to total just how much revenue my organization has provided to your company.

    I understand this is a business but contrary to Mariano statement loss of revenue is not generated by refusing to fix an error on the part of the company. Loss of revenue occurs when patrons have negative experience with no positive outcome. Conversely companies generate extra revenue when a patron has a negative experience and it is handled in a positive manger.

  • Un
      15th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    My credit card was charge $10, 20 minutes after leaving the 42nd St st BBQ's. The xtra charge went to another restaurant 6 blocks away called "crowne plaza 49 broadway". They were testing out the card before making big charges. The waitress took a very long time to return with my card. I called a few times and they keep hanging up the phone to speak to a manager. So I am calling the corporate office now. Had to cancel my card!

  • Ta
      10th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Customer service Is horrible!!! I went in for a interview today and the owner was extremely nasty! Do not apply to this job, you will regret it!

  • Ah
      9th of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Dallas BBQ manager they don't even have no respect for their employes too. They trade them like ...omg I was crying tonight because the GM manager Carlos was yelling at me like omg that so disrespectful cuz we r human and he got no right to talk to me like that...

  • Cr
      10th of Feb, 2016
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    THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE TO THIS PLACE. The manager on duty, Mr Kar, states that he offered to send a delivery person to pick up your order so that he could process a refund. He also states that you refused to let the order be picked up. He is not authorizing a refund. I also understand that you were given a replacement burger and drink for free? And offered a gift card? Even after the corporate office told them to refund 16 dollars . Are they that press for cash that . they cant to the right thing, so more bad post for 16 dollars lmfao sad and petty for thei RESTAURANT, the MANAGEMENT STAFF NEEDS TO BE REPLACE

  • Al
      1st of Apr, 2016
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    My complaint is with Dallas BBQ complaint board. I never heard back for anyone in reply to me email weeks ago. Now I see why the company is the way it is. Full of crap.

  • Di
      16th of Apr, 2016
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    Good evening I ordered the family special for 2 with honey basted chicken and one of the orders had a piece of the rotisserie string in it and I choked on it as I was eating the chicken and I called to complain about
    The situation to the manager named carlos he wouldn't give me his last name said he was the only manager named carlos and he was also nasty with an attitude he could not even Apologize to me or even ask me if I wanted a refund on my order or ask if I was okay. This is very unprofessional an unexceptable for your business and me being a customer I could have been with the health department or a undercover for cooprate and that would have been a really bad review for your restaurant located on 42nd street in times Square nyc. I like bbq's but when you have the wrong people representing your business especially when it comes to a complaint it makes it bad for the company but some of these manager's need to show a little more respect for their customer's because of us being customer's they get paid and bbq's is still in business because without customer's bbq's would be closed down

  • Yu
      12th of May, 2016
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    I went with 7 of my friends to the Dallas BBQ at 281 West Fordham Road in the Bronx 718-220-2822. We had a horrible experience of theft and lies there. The waiter, Ron P. lied to the manager who believed him. We ordered three large drinks which were $9.99. The waiter brought us three champagne bottles. I questioned him about the three bottles since we did not order them. He said they came with the drinks. At the end of the night, he added those three bottles as if we had ordered them separately. I spoke to the manager who sided with him. They were both so disrespectful. They laughed and even mimicked me in front of my students. IN addition, they overcharged us on the tax and gratuity. Not to mention, the waiter was short, ugly and balding and the manager was a huge whale with his pants ganging off his butt and an un kept messy face. He seemed drunk. PEOPLE be WARNED, if you like BBQ, make sure you check the prices and record the conversation. NEVER AGAIN!!! GOD SEES EVERYTHING!!!

  • Ni
      13th of Nov, 2016
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    Carlos at the 42nd street location was rude, for a manager he has poor management after reading the post I see it wasn't just me... long story short the "crispy cod platter "was not a quality meal I didn't eat it. I reordered the salmon dinner that tasted like human food. Carlos refused to take off the "cod platter "which was 13.99, because he said it was at the table to long I should have told him sooner ...I asked had I told him sooner would he have sold it to another customer, because that doesn't matter I did not eat it I shouldn't have to pay for it.

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