Dairy Queen / terminated of not securing assets, but had no proof I was the one at fault.

I was employed at Dairy Queen in Russell Springs, Ky. Hired on February 5, 2018. At first I started off on night then moved to days, learn front line then moved on to drive through to have the opportunity to go full time. So after 3 months I got full-time. Going into my 4th month, on Friday May 22nd after I clocked in I was asked to go to the office. The shift leader Coty Hills and another shift Leader Chantel Hoyt. I was told I was being terminated for money coming up short on my register. Was told they didn't say I took the cash that was missing neither did cameras show I took anything. But since my name was used more than anyone else fingers got pointed at me. I was in total shock. I was speechless. A note was posted about a week earlier that if your register was short you was responsible for the money to pay it back or get wrote up. Even though I didn't take the money I offered to pay it back, that option didn't apply to me. I was wrote up 5 different times that week and was never told about the first write up. I was given all 5 write ups at once. So still in shock I'm like what just happened. I asked like how much was I short for the week. Was told around $80.00. I honestly do believe their in the wrong. I've asked to talk to them about the situation and no one will talk. I believe I was set up. I wasn't the only one using that register. Yes most of the day but when I was on a break then a manager would take over. I was wrongfully terminated and I want answers or my job back...

Jun 03, 2018

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