Dairy Queenservice was terrible

I stopped at the Dsiry Queen in Boluvar Ohio. 44612. Today and went inside to purchase a medium chocolate cone and a small chocolate cone dipped in chocolate. First it took over 5 minutes to get waited on because the girl at the counter was busy delivering other Patrons good at their tables. Then I finally got waited on. So I stepped aside to wait for my cones while the counter girl waited on a group of 6 people. In the meantime my 2 cones were sitting in the holders waiting fir her to give them to me but she was waiting on 6 people. So approx 19 minutes later she got my cones and apologized fir the wait. I went out to the car my husband wondered what I was doing g in there so long. We pulled away and I took one bite of my cone and dunce it was a dipped cone and sat there so long when I took a bite it totally melted all over me and the car. I threw it out the window since I could not eat it it was like soup. This was very upsetting. I don't appreciate being made to edit. I could have just went over and got my 2 cones but there was a sign that said only employees beyond this sign. Very upset.

Margie Beebe
3305. 21 street N.W.
Canton, Ohio. 44708


Jul 31, 2018

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