Dairy Queenproduct and service

P Nov 24, 2017

I went to dairy queen in huntsville ontario twice in the last 2 weeks, first time i ordered the chicken tenders meal deal, they charged me 1.10 extra because i wanted a few peanuts on my sundae, then i get my meal and there was may 15 fries, 3 small chicken tenders, and the ice cream sundae was not swirled to top like it is suppose to be, the hot fudge was lacking, there was maybe a tablespoon of fudge on it and the whole thing was covered in peanuts, way to many, i complained to the girl at the counter and she said next time i come in she would make my sundae, on top of that they would not give me a receipt for my meal, i had food poisoning from my lunch there, but i did not give up, i thought i would give dq another chance, as it is one of my favorite places, so my husband, daughter and i went there the other day, and again no receipt, the girl got the order wrong, tried to over charge me, and the onion on my husbands hamburger was huge, nobody cared enough to chop the onion properly and there was some kind of red sauce on the top of his bun, i again ordered the chicken tenders meal, the fries seemed like they have been cooked twice, they were so dry and crunchy, i asked for a few peanuts and they said they would have to charge me 1.10 for a little spoon of peanuts, like really, so i complained to the girl at the counter and she didn't want to do anything about my food. so i am done with the dq in huntsville, they need to learn, customer service, how to cook and portion control.

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