Dairy Queen / food and service

The food taste like [censor] at the yermo ca dairy queen location. They have a dirty janitor who works at the shell cooking some foul smelling chicken for the crispy crunchy. While the dairy queen workers are using the same oil thay he cooks in. I'm disgusted by this location an can't believe they still operate this business the workers at dairy queen are rude as [censor]. They do not care about their customers. They told me that the oil is fresh and he never cooks but i've seen him cooking multiple times. Plus i've seen him picking his nose and then continues to cook. I've said something to the manager kennia and she told me she would handle the situation. But all she did was talk [censor] to another worker. Very unprofessional!!! This location s needs to be shut down. And I will be reporting ro the health department!

Nov 20, 2017

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