Dairy Queen / blizzards

McMinnville, OR, United States

On 10/22at about 8 -815 pm I was at the mcminnville DQ location. I ordered two blizzards. As I am waiting for my blizzards I am watching the girl make them. She over filled one of them and as she was cleaning up the cup, she got some on her fingers. I watch her lick it off her fingers and continue wiping the cup. Puts the lid on it. The window worker goes to hand me the blizzards. I refused the one I watch the girl lick her fingers with and continue handling the cup..unsanitary. We have talked with the manager before and it's as if they just don't care. At this point I most likely won't go there again . That place isn't very friendly and if the employee's aren't going to be trained proper I don't want to take my business there.

Oct 22, 2017

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