Dairy Queen 100 Mile Houseregular fries

I went thru their drive thru and ordered a regular fries, and recieved a regular fry box with not even half full of fries. Came back and the girl told me they cant make anymore fries as they are closing in 15 minutes. I called and talked to the manager and his name is Veeru to let him know what happened, and the manager did not handle the situation properly, did not apologize nor work it out with me. Was very unproffesional and very not manager-like. I, myself work at a fast food restaurant as an HR person and deal with costumer's complain every single day, and After this incident I could definitely say that not every fast food restaurant managers knows how to deal with costumers properly. Here are the pictures i got.

Dairy Queen 100 Mile House

Jun 05, 2018

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