CVS Pharmacyprescription discrepancy


Transferred prescription from Walgreens (Plano, TX) to CVS (3910 W. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN) and was given a different named medication (Mibelas) from what I've been taking going on 2 years now (Minastrin). I return to the pharmacy to inform them the medication that I just purchased is not what I've been taking. The pharmacy technician asks me, " Is this the medication you take?" I respond, "I've never taken this medication." The technician then went to ask the pharmacist about the discrepancy. I was then told that the medication given is the same thing and they've had trouble getting the other medication ( my original prescription).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bloomington, INSo I asked did it have the same active ingredients and if it was the generic. I was told yes it is the generic.
The problem: A pharmacy should never give a different medication (even if only in name) to a customer without notifying them /giving proper explanation of the change (there was no pharmacist consultation) and getting the customer's consent to take the different medication. A customer should not have to "discover" this once leaving the pharmacy only to return for questions and concerns that should have been addressed when the medication was given.
Desired resolution: Pharmacy staff should be retrained on this aspect of customer care. Building a strong trust and rapport is essential to good business and even safety.

Apr 30, 2017

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