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CVS Pharmacy / almost arrested!

1 230 Clinton StNYC, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 646-918-6985

I entered the CVS pharmacy on 500 Grand Street in Manhattan N.Y. and said good morning to the manager and the employee at around 8:40 this morning (3/10/08). I went to pick up some baby wipes for my 3yr. old daughter for school. They had a display for an 80 count of wipes that read WOW $2.99 so I checked them out. I then seen another pack for $7.99 that had 232 counts of wipes so I asked the pharmacist if she had a pen and she said that she didn't and I should check up front. After I received the pen from the employee, I decided to compare the two to see which was the better value and if I should get 2 or 3 packs of the 80pck. As I was standing there, this man came up to me (he wasn't wearing a name tag or badge - the same person I said good morning to) and told me that I could not write down the price for each item, he then proceeded to tell me that I was not supposed to be writing the bar code for the items - which I wasn't. After I explained to him what I was doing he still insisted that I better stop. He came back again and then after I told him that I didn't know what his problem was, he called the police. There were some items already on the floor and then he blamed them on me. I walked up to the counter and asked the young lady for the store # and he yelled at her not to give me anything. After the police came and seen how ridiculous the call was they said that he was wrong and that I could frequent the store later on that day or the next day but I had to leave the store because the manager didn't want me there. I would like to know where it is written that a consumer cannot compare prices in order to make a sound purchase. I feel that because I am a black man being singled out and stereo typed and yes, even by another black man, that this is insane. That was discrimination at its best. The officers even gave me his name "Tony Johnson".

I am making this complaint because of the harassment and the stalking by Tony Johnson as well as the blatant violation of my rights as a consumer to tell me that I don't have a right in this here time in America to shop and compare prices as I please. I had to take my business elsewhere and walk 2 or 3 long blocks just to buy some baby wipes and I also found them for less. Thank You Tony Johnson for that Humiliating experience!!!

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  • To
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    here we go with the race card. thats all YOU people are good at and stealing . YOU as a black man in black race bring this on to your race. nobody did. 9 out of 10 time its black people whos steal from CVS. whenever a shaddy black person being polite like its their last day on earth meanings they're about to rob you cold.thats 9-10 time . and u're not fooling with anybody by thinking ur race is any better when over 85% of population in prision is black. i think u were acting suspicious for a black man who shouldn't be shopping for bargin instead of knocking up more babies so the rest of us have to pay for it. so the picture doesn't fit right so what manager did was right. hes trying to send u back where u came from which is prision or africa

  • Et
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    Yes, I agree with the black man who is simply trying to buy
    baby wipes for his kid. These days discrimination against minorities is coming from other minorities who believe that if they sell out in some big ways that they will make it big or something. Maybe the manager in CVS thought that his big white boss may hear about how he harrangled a black customer and may make him regional director of all CVS stores in Manhattan.
    Minorities must fight discrimination no matter who is doing it. Discrimination has nothing to do with what race the perpertrator is, but how he or she is using his power to humiliate, treat unfairly, or put someone in a state of disadvantage in a situation for no other reason but who the victim is. I have a message to these type of "sick pup" minorites who behave like this: You sell out, slave minded, brainwashed self-hating minorities, will always be a member of the minority race that you are. Picking on your own race because of jealousy, yeah sometimes these minorities who are sales people in these stores make no money, and you go to buy something, and they look at you because they know that you are also a minority but you are a high ranking manager across the street at Deloitte and Touche, honey and they get jealous of another minority.
    So anyway, you jealous minority members who work at CVS,
    Rite Aid, or Duane Reade, and only make 6 dollars an hour, and hate on me because I am also a member of a minority race and I am shopping in your store and everything I have on that day would take you two years to purchase, so you act like you think I am stealing something, cause you would have to steal it since you make no money...pllleeeaseee!!!
    Go to school get an education, so that you can get a real job!!

  • Mo
      20th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    None of you porch monkeys make any sense.

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