CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy associates lack of knowledge/customer service

Ashland, Virgiia, US

I want to start by first saying how totally dissatisfied I am with CVS and at this point never want to step into another one of your stores ever again. I have several health issues and purchase 7 prescriptions from you each and every month. The first issue occurred about two months ago I ran out of Amlodipine after 30 days. It is supposed to be a 90 day refill it says 90 days on the bottle. But being I take one a day for years I know it was not taken incorrectly. At the 30 day mark when I ran out of medicine I returned to the store to have it refilled they said it could not be refilled yet. I explained that there must have been a mistake on your end. I didn't lose 60 pills and after much back and forth they gave me the pills to get back to when I could refill it again. No explanation of what happened just gave me a few pills. I wrote it off as a one time event. Now my other Doctor prescribed Methotrexate and injection needles for RA and I went to the store one week ago to fill. I returned on Sunday to pickup and they said it had to be ordered and would be there on Tuesday. I waited until Friday to pick up the medicine to give them time to get what I needed. First I show up and they say we have no prescriptions for you. I explain that I brought the prescriptions in a week ago. Suddenly they knew what I was talking about and simply said we have ordered it several times this week and it never comes in. And then just stood there. I said what do I need to do to get the medication. After a moment of Silence your Pharmacist said they could check and see if another cvs had it. I said okay they indicated a CVS in Richmond. And they would call them and have the medicine in at 4:30 today. I went back to the store at 4:45 and they told me the prescription wasn't ready. I left for an hour and returned now they have one vile of the product and no syringes. I ask how many injections are going to be taken out of that one vile. They simply say they will check put it in an hamper and leave me standing there. After 15 minutes of nothing I say "What is the answer?" Just blank stares and then they said "Well this vile is not the right size it is 10ml and they would have to reorder the correct size. I have tried not to get angry but I have spent thousands on prescriptions in that store and the amount of stupidity is overwhelming. I will never ever return to that store. I am now without the Methotrexate and am in the process of trying to find another Place to refill any and all of my prescriptions. I really laugh at how in your complaint details you tell me to be polite avoid using caps and or abusive language. Last time I checked I was the customer not some employee that you tell how to act. You just lost a loyal customer who is going to tell anyone who will listen to me my store about your pharmacy and the people who work at that store. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME oops I violated the rules I guess I must be spanked. Instead of worrying about if my text is in Capitals or lower case maybe you should check out how paying customers are treated at that or any of your stores. I am sure there are more than a few other pharmacies around that would love my business, and anybody else I can convince to go to one of your many competitors. If I hear nothing from you and I am sure I won't I will assume you are going to do nothing and that is that. Good luck doing business like that. It seems to be working well for you at that store. THAT WAS SARCASM


Robert C. Nodler

Nov 24, 2017

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