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scam and lies

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This is a serious complaint that needs to be more than a complaint and marked as SERIOUS mishandling of a life threatening illness controlled by medication.

I entrusted Caremark with my Pharmacudical needs. I have asthma. I sent in my scripts and paid the extra $20.00 for overnight shipping. I sent it out on 10/14. It was filled on 10/18 and labeled on 10/20. On 10/22 I checked status and was told it was done and ready and would go out in a day or two. I let them know I was out of my meds and what happened to my overnight shipping. She said that was the best she could do. I called back in the morning talked to someone different and they "expidited" things and said all was set to go today (10/23) and I would receive it on 10/24 & they would drop the overnight charge as it was their error. By 5:00 on 10/24 I had not received a thing and called Caremark. They said they sent it and gave me the tracking #. I called UPS and was told # could not be found. Meanwhile 2 days now without my meds and starting to feel it. Called UPS on 10/25 at 8:30 am and was told pkg was in transit scheduled to arrive on time on 10/27!!! WHAT!!! I proceeded to call Caremark and was told it was shipped regular ground with no overnight as there was no overnight charge shown. Again, WHAT!!! Does anyone communicate or was this just a game in pharmacy because I gave them such a hard time about getting it out. This is ASTHMA, people, a serious, life threatening, potentially deadly disease. Thank god I am healthy enough that I handled it but someone else may not have or had something worse. These are lives you are screwing with!! I want the public aware of this neglegence. I ended up having to have them do an override so I could go to the local pharmacy to fill again at $40. after I already paid out a lot to Caremark. Who has that to throw around these days!!
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N  19th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am officially done with the mail-in prescription service from CVS Caremark. They have lied to me and treated me like dirt for the last time.

My husband takes medication for seizures. We have used the CVS Caremark mail-in service for over a year now for the same medication. We have had a few problems with them in the past, but none compare to the outrageous situation I now find myself in, just trying to get my husband his medication so he doesn't end up in the hospital with seizures this weekend!

My husband has been told by his neurologist and our family doctor that he needs to take the name brand medication, not the generic. It is noted on his chart and has always been noted on the scripts. For some reason, even though he's gotten the same medication for over a year, CVS Caremark decided to send him the generic this last time. They claim the doctor's office wrote it that way - maybe that's the truth, we'll never know. However, when I called to get it resolved, I was told by a representative named David that they would send a replacement overnight along with a prepaid label to send back the incorrect generic medicine. The next day came and went with no medication. Of course it was Thanksgiving and we were going out of town, so in the meantime, I had to call the doctor, get a week's supply written, fill and pay full price for the medication at a local pharmacy. I call back to CVS Caremark and get Sharice (sp?). Sharice clearly is uninformed of the basics tenets of customer service and decides to leave me on hold for 12 minutes without checking back. When she finally gets back on the line, she informs me that she is speaking with her supervisor because she can't see my order on her screen, but somehow he can see it. After holding another few minutes, she informs me the prescription was never sent out and that she "truly apologizes for any miscommunication on behalf of the prior rep" and ASSURES me that the prescription will be sent overnight and I will have it on Friday. Today is Friday. No medication. I call again and get Lori. I am again informed that the medication hasn't shipped. Now I'm really upset. Apparently they don't understand that I'm not asking for a replacement part for my leaky faucet, I'm in need of medication that is going to ensure my husband doesn't have a seizure and end up in a life-threatening situation. I am told that I can get the prescription transferred to a local pharmacy, but not only will it be for the generic medication, since they are claiming that is the prescription they have written, but I will have to pay for it! I'm quickly moving past upset and into livid mode now. I inform Lori that if she cannot make that happen, she needs to connect me to someone who can.

Several minutes later I am connected to Slade, who informs me that he is a customer service supervisor. I have to explain the entire situation to him and he then informs me that there is nothing he can do. He also informs me that if the prescription is transferred to the local pharmacy that they can only fill it with a generic and I will have to pay for it. Furthermore, I am informed that it's not their fault that I got the generic medication and so I cannot return it and cannot get a refund. Excuse me? I am going to have to pay for a medication my husband can't use PLUS go to a pharmacy and pay for the correct medication, which I should have had in hand one week ago? I have been lied to by two different reps and still don't have the correct medication. Slade also informed me that they would not guarantee an overnight reshipment, confirming that the two reps had lied to me. He didn't seem too concerned with that, which being a customer service supervisor myself, strikes me as a bit odd. Furthermore, he said that if they transfer the prescription, the local pharmacy can legally only fill it with the generic because they are stating that our doctor signed off on it for generic. I don't know about anyone else, but I have seen prescription pads. There are two options - "dispense as written" or "can substitute." "CAN substitute..." not YOU MUST substitute. I told Slade I didn't believe that was true, which he disputed with me. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. Luckily I have a super nice local pharmacist who is willing to give us a weekends' worth of the correct medication. Monday I will be getting a new prescription from the doctor and going to my local pharmacy. I'll have to pay more monthly because the mail-in is cheaper, but it's not worth the headache.

Bottom line, CVS Caremark lies and does not care about the customer at all. s
N  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm going to have to say that for the most part you are incorrect, but I will have to agree you are right in the fact that they treated the situation in a bad manor. The first rep should have contacted the doctors office right off to correct the whole thing from turning into an even worse fiasco, which did happen. Doctors do make mistakes and I believe that Caremark would not lie about a doctor writing the prescription for the name brand and only wrote it for generic, caremark could not just change it without the doctors authorization. I work at CVS and deal with Caremark all the time, they don't seem as thrilled to be dealing with customers as I would be. I'm very energetic in my job and I like it very much so dealing with customers comes naturally to me, I can hardly comprehend that someone could possibly be so careless for someone who needs their medication as soon as possible. I feel your anger for the mistakes they made. I'm sorry you had to switch pharmacies and have to pay more each month. Its not fair and I wish the best for you next time. Hopefully that wont happen again.
A  3rd of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I have used Caremark's mail in pharmacy for a year or so with no serious issues until this month. I received email confirmation the order had been received and then email confirmation they had been shipped and would arrive in 5-7 days. Over 2 weeks ago this order was shipped but I have not received the prescriptions. The mistake apparently happened at the US Postal Service. I have received no answers or communication from CVS except the automatically generated emails informing me I should receive my order in 15 days. After submitting a customer care ticket with the Postal Service, an employee from my local Post Office contacted me to inform the package is lost and they are trying to track it down.The Post Office contacted me by phone the morning after I submitted the ticket. I have received nothing from CVS but auto reply form emails which makes me think they have not touched my complaint nor are they interested in customer service. This is the last order I will trust with CVS. I would not have received such terrible customer service from my local pharmacy and will be using them from now on. My total displeasure is not that the prescription package was lost because I realize things happen and sometimes go wrong. My displeasure is with the service I have received or rather not received from CVS.

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