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I just whant to share my complains about Curves Sunningdale. I've been a member for about 4 years and it's just getting worse each day. 1.Firtsly there is no one helping out in the circuit anymore like there used to be, 2. Some day's at 19.00 the systym is logged off and i can not scan in then they have to restart again. From 17:00 To 19:00 i can't go to gym anymore because it is so full and besides that the people on curves smart is not trained very well they are not moving from their stations as they need to do. They are holding up the people that arent on Smart. 3. The only time that i go to gym is 19:00 and if i get there 19:05 then they tell me i have to hurry up as they are closing 19:30. 4. There is zumba clases they did'nt inform me about, but i heard that it was only on Saterday's but it seems that it is in the week aswell on the time i come to gym for my workout but it is hopeless because there is no space for the people that want to do the circuit. There are alot of other people that have the same problems. You guys need to do something about this otherwise you will lose more clients.

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  • Ez
      Jul 20, 2011

    I started with Curves 3-4 years ago. Back then our Curves was still situated in Parklands. I truly enjoyed gyming with Curves, as the staff at that point were young, enthusiastic and very helpfull. When Curves moved over to sunningdale, things started to change...
    The old staff had all left by then, and the new staff just couldn't keep hold of the zest the old staff had brought to curves.
    For a year this lukewarm gyming experience continued, and then another round of staff changes. From here on out things truly hit an all time low...
    When I'd come to gym, there would be no one on the circuit to guide the ladies. Occasionally the lady at the reception would glance over and ask whether everything was still alright. The other staff members would either be in the back room, or pacing around everywhere except inside the circuit!
    Weigh and measure had become seriously discouraging, with faulty measurements being taken each time, as a new staff member would always take measurements each month, being the cause of these innacuracies.
    With the introduction of Curves Smart I thought there might be some light for this dark tunnel, but not even a month into Curves Smart, and complaints were flying around. The system was absolutely horrible! Most machines had impossible targets, other targets were set so low, I honestly couldn't notice I was gyming! All this resulted in a very unrounded workout.
    Further more, most of the ladies doing Curves Smart have no clue how to adjust their time to fit into the 30 seconds per block/machine. This caused, and is still causing immense frustration to myself and I'm sure to others aswell. Gyming is no longer a smooth transition from one block to another, but a stop-wait-go, stop-wait-go. People are being held up by the Curves Smart System.
    In order to avoid this hassle, I have decided to shift my workout to 7:00 pm, as doors close 7:30 pm, giving me enough time to finish, without catching the afternoon rush.
    Often, I arrive plus/minus 5 minutes of this time. The club manager, Vivian has assured me that this is no problem, but I am experiencing problems with one of the staff members, Jacqui. Upon arriving, I am told to "hurry up" as they close in 30 minutes. Even on hot summers days she would turn of the airconditioning at 7:15, leaving those on the circuit to finish their workout in the uncomfortable heat. There have been occasions that I'd arrive at 7:10 pm, but I'd only do half of my workout then, to make sure that I am finished by 7:30. But still, Jacqui continues to make my gyming experience worse.
    I have cancelled my membership a month ago, but apparently my membership can only be cancelled in two months time, as I did not give notice strictly on the first of the month.
    Since then, Zumba classes have been introduced, which I am not interested in. But some of the classes are held in the times that I wish to come for my workout. When these classes are held, the running blocks are removed, once again, making the workout uncomfortable.
    I have dwindled from 5-6 workouts a week to 3 workouts if lucky. I cannot afford to have my workout delayed as I truly only have 30 minutes to spend due to my dance classes that run from between 8 - 10 pm most nights. It is impossible to come earlier that 7:00 as there are so many people, most on Curves Smart with no clue how to use the system correctly, that you are held there for up to an hour instead of 30 minutes. But coming later is becoming such a regretfull experience due to rude staff!
    Please, Curves Sunningdale, get your act together, train the Curves Smart Users, scedule earlier times for Zumba classes, appoint better staff, and attend your customers, on and off the circuit!!!
    Don't lose more customers due to bad service!!

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