CurvesBeware Cancellation Policy

This is more of a warning if you want to cancel your Curves Membership. If you give your 30 day's notice, you must still book an appointment with the owner/manager to sign off on the cancellation (be prepared to be drilled as to why you are quitting). They don't advise you of this little requirement. I found out only because I called to make sure they received my written request; their response was oh yes, but you still have to come in and sign off or your card will be charged. No where on the agreement does it say that, nor was that information volunteered as no-one called me when I submitted my notice. So if anyone that wants to quit, be sure you make that appointment. It was too ironic that the owner said to me, Oh we will miss chatting with you - that is the #1 reason why I quit! The non-stop yapping was so irritating and the so-called "trainers" tried to encourage conversation despite my repeated requests that I didn't care for it. One "trainer" distracted me to the point that I stepped off the "resting" board and sprained my ankle; she claimed responsibility but my ankle hurt for weeks. I know of other patrons who have quit for the same reasons. It's unfortunate, because I did quite like the machines. So in saying all that - make sure you make a cancellation appointment, sign off, get a copy, along with the written notice! Good luck to all of you who have problems with Curves.


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