Crown Mitsubishi / sale

st petersburg, US

I recently brought 2017 outlander. I pay the listed price . I didn't even negotiate the price. Before I brought the car. The salesman was telling me what the car come with. He told me the car come with hid headlight. And I even ask him about the headlight. If they are hid. He said yes. So I brought the car. Came to find out. It was not hid. So I call the next day . Talk to the salesman that the headlight are not hid. He left a voicemail saying he will talk to the manager and have them replace with hid. And know all I'm getting is the run around. I email the manager. All he said was sorry and that it. I pay full price and not getting what I pay for. If the salesman told me it not hid I wouldn't have brought the car. I think I should get what I pay for. So can u help me out with this
Salesman should not tell lie just to sale a car.

Nov 29, 2017

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