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I called today because I was switching services I was also going to use my cricket phone with the new carrier. But instead I was told I could not use that phone cause I had only recently purchased the phone 5 months ago, and order to use that phone it had to be used with "Cricket" services for 6 months.. Now on that note ive been with cricket for about 3 1/2 years loved the service amd product hints to why I was with them for as long as I was... But after today NEVER WILL I RETURN TO CRICKET!!! First of any carrier ive ever been with has necer impleminted a "6 month rule" 45 days at the most. And on that note.. If I pay for my phone cash out of my own pocket then by god I can do whatever the he'll I want given ive been with thos [censored] company as long as I was and 2 I PAID FOR IT YOU HAVE NO SAY IN WHAT I CAN AMD CANNOT DO.. And also if you want people to continue service with you train your employees better, let them know to let your customers that if they buy a phone they are caught up as slave to your service because they havent had that new phone for 6 months but they have had your service for years.. This is by far the biggest crock of [censored] ever... And last put it in there damn paperwork not just online and get better customer service they at least need to be more informed because I spoke to a village of idiots today.. I would like someone of a higher statue to please contact me at some point because id like to rip someones butt for lying to there people.

Oct 17, 2018
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      Jan 19, 2019

    I completely after I paid $600 for 2 Samsung phones and prepaid 2 months service on each. Only to find out that Cricket service isn't available within 40 miles of my home. Even though I paid full cash price for both phones they are refuting give me the network unlock codes so I can use with a carrier that can provide service. This company's short coming has drastically hurt my business and yet they act like it's my fault when the [censored] that sold me the phones assured me that I would have service in my home area

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