Cricket Wirelessspent over $1000 for 2 phones, that no longer work.

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I have been a customer of cricket for 5 years, I have had different phones over the years. 4 years ago, I added my 2 grandchildren to my account.In february 2014, I went to the cricket store located at 2900 n classen blvd, oklahoma city, ok 73106 and purchased 2 galaxy s4's for my grandchildren. The total was over $1000 for both phones.
A few months ago, I was told that at&t bought cricket and we would need to switch our phones over to the new network. We went in on february 17th to the yukon, ok store to have this switch. The woman behind the counter was polite and helpful, and I have no complaint with her service. She went through the process of switching the phone over, as prompted on her computer. The galaxy s4 was on the list of compatible phones, and the switch seemed to go forward without any complications. After this was done, both phones showed that there were no sim card installed, although the new sim card was installed by the cricket employee. She mentioned that we needed to call cricket customer service, so that they could update our phones remotely. We called customer service while inside the store. We explained the situation, but they said that our phones were incompatible with the switch. We asked the cricket employee to get on the phone with cricket customer service to explain the situation. Customer service told her and us that our sim cards were not installed properly, and that we needed to turn off the phones, remove the sim card, wait 10 minutes and we would have service again. After doing that, we still had no service, so we called back. This time they told us that we didn't have cricket phones, and that is why our phones were not moving forward with the change. We were able to tell them the date and location of the cricket store that both phones were purchased at, as well as cricket was wrote on the back of both phones. The customer service rep told us that we were wrong. The cricket employee then got on the phone and told them the same thing, that the phones were purchased from cricket, and even had the cricket name on the back. After 2 hours on the phone, we were told that there was nothing that could be done, the phones were not compatible with the new service and that we would need to buy new phones. I asked to speak with a manager, and was placed on hold for 45 minutes and then hung up on.
No one can explain to me how less than a year ago, I purchased 2 galaxy s4 cell phones from a cricket store, that say cricket on them, are now not able to work, and the only thing that they would do is give me $120 per phone for trade in. These phones were kept in seido cases, which are water proof and drop proof. These phones are in excellent condition, and bought less than a year ago. It makes no sense to me how a company can allow us to buy 2 phones from them, only to tell us less than a year later that they will no longer work with their new service, and not compensate us for the same phone.
On a side note, the yukon cricket employee did contact her boss and explained the situation, and we were given 2 htc phones that do work with the new service. Her professionalism was refreshing. She was also disgusted with cricket customer service and the rudeness shown to her, as well as us.
I am a very disappointed cricket customer, and will be finding a new cell service.

Feb 18, 2015
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  • Wh
      Feb 19, 2015

    I am going through almost the same thing right now. EXCEPT they allowed me to finance it through YBUY.. I have one payment left which will have made this ONE phone over a grand as well... I have been TRYING to dispute this with them since January 2nd 2015. At first all I asked was for them to simply replace it with the same one that I already have.. well they after each call I have made they tell me that they will send it to the escalation department... and that they will call me back. They have not. So I am still calling them several times a week and they tell me that corporate has tried to call me and that it goes straight to voicemail. Well, my phone is NEVER off, plus they NEVER leave a voicemail... and they also tell me that they do not have a phone number that I can call. WTF. So if anyone else is having this problem please contact me [protected]

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  • Li
      Aug 10, 2015

    I purchased my Samsung cell phone with drop proof/water proof case from Cricket 1 year ago for $300. I am happy with my phone and do not want a new one. My SIM card stopped working. I was getting texts from Cricket to come in and get a new G4 phone. Why would I if my phone gets G4. All smart phones get G4. I get a G4 signal while at the Cricket store. I went to the store to see if they had a compatible phone. They offered my that garbage ZTE phone for free. not even close to my Samsung. Then, she said I can get an LG for free. It was cheap and the graphics were not close. She then proceeded to try and sell me a Samsung for $150 with a $50 trade in for my phone. I believe the ATT/Cricket merger is a rip off. They want to get you to upgrade service by extortion. Now, my phone does not work at all because I can't pay for it online and they would not allow me to pay for it in the store because I would not upgrade. Calling customer service is a waste of time. I wish there was a class action suit I can join. $300 is a hard earned amount for me to throw it all away.

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