Cricket Wireless Servicecricket is ripping me off

On 11/20/14, I had an chat with Cricket representative, Oscar. My daughter was not taking care of business on the school front, so I was inquiring about temporarily suspending her service. I asked multiple questions before making my decision. Oscar explained that there was no charge to suspend the service, but that I would be charged for both of our phones while it was suspended. He said that when I reactivate the phone, I would get credit for the time that the phone was out of service. He specifically asked me how long I planned to have the line inactive, and I answered about 30 days, to which he responded I would get reimbursed upon reactivation. I had a transcript of my conversation with Oscar emailed to me at the end of our chat.

Fast forward to 12/28/14, which is the date that I reactivated my daughter's line (38 days later). When my bill came up for the next month's service, I noticed that I had not received a credit, so I called in on 01/02/15. The representative told me that Cricket policy is to only reimburse for 14 days of inactive service, or $25. I told her that was not what Oscar told me, and I quoted from the transcript that I received on the day I suspended the service. I ended up speaking to their supervisor, who gave me the same spiel, issued the $25 credit, but said that she had started an escalation where they would investigate what happened on my chat conversation (they would not take my word for it, and they would not allow me to email the transcript to them). She said to call back in 48 hours for an update.

So I call back in 96 hours later, to speak to Supervisor, Sergio, who offers the same 14-day spiel and his sincerest apology. I asked to speak to his supervisor, and he told me that there was no one else to speak to. I asked for the corporate complaint number or email address, and he said there wasn't one he could give me, but I could write a letter to corporate. I asked what happened to the investigation that was supposed to start 4 days ago, and he just said "well that is our policy."

So I hang up, and call back and ask the next rep to connect me to her supervisor (Karo?) who connected me to his supervisor, Jake. Jake tells me that my investigation is in process, but they needed proof of my conversation with Oscar to do anything. So I asked what would happen if their investigation found that I am absolutely telling them the truth...would I get the full refund? He said, "well that is our process." But it's still not enough for me to just email them the email that they sent me with the transcript. Instead of mailing it, he said I could take the "screenshot" to a local store for verification. We'll see what happens with that.

On another note, after having technical difficulties with my daughter's iPhone after I reconnected it, I went into a local store where I was told about their merger with AT&T and the switch to their network. During that conversation, I found that my daughter's iPhone was compatible with the new network, but my Samsung Galaxy S4, which I bought on the same day I got her phone back in December 2013 (for a total of $1, 100) was not compatible. They told me that if I didn't get a phone that was compatible by the time the network changed overs (which was either January, March or October of 2015, depending on who you talked to), my phone would just stop working. BUT they had special buyback services so I could get a new phone. They said they would give me a whopping $195 for the $600 phone I purchased from them just over a year ago. $195? REALLY? They are selling the exact same model I have in their store for like $450. So you want me to pay you an additional $255 to buy the same phone I just bought a year ago which would mean I will have paid a total of $855 for this older generation phone? That is the biggest con I have EVER experienced. I can't believe they can actually get away with that.

Bottom line is, they won't get another penny out of me. We'll take our business elsewhere.

Cricket Wireless Service

Jan 06, 2015

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