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Cricket Wireless Service / awful customer service

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I decided to purchase a brand new Motorola phone from Cricket to start using them as as my wireless service. I wanted to make sure that I had a good phone since I wouldn't have a land line anymore. I was told that this Motorala model was very good. My son has the same phone and never had trouble with his. I also received a free month service for purchasing the phone and using Cricket. I received my new phone in the mail 3 weeks ago.

From day one, the phone did not work. It takes forever to get anybody on the phone from Cricket and I called on a Saturday afternoon to find out where the nearest Cricket store was. It is one hour away from the town that I live in. I went to the store and the young man reprogrammed my phone. Didn't bother to check if it was working at that time and sent me on my way. After I got home and charged my phone for 8 hours as I was told to do, the phone still wasn't working.

Last Thursday, I called Cricket again and spent almost an hour waiting for somebody to answer my call. I was told that a new phone would be in the mail and I would receive it in 3 to 4 business days. I had to have somebody home to sign for the phone.

A week later, I still hadn't received my new phone. I called and again waited for almost an hour to have somebody answer my call. Now I was told by a young man that no, a new phone was never sent to me, that I had to go back to the store that was over an hour from where I lived and they would give me a new phone. I asked him about my free month of service. I told him I have not had a working phone now for 3 weeks, am I going to get my free month of service back? He said no. I asked to talk to a supervisor, was put on hold again and then disconnected. I called back and got ANOTHER young lady. She informed me that no, I wouldn't have received a phone in the mail, and no, I could not go to a store to get a new phone. I had to send back my old phone, wait for about 30 days, then I would receive my refund and at that time I could purchase another phone. I didn't have my box anymore to send the phone back, so again, I had to go over an hour away to the Cricket store to pick up a box to send the phone back in.

All in all, I lost time driving back and forth, time on the phone while I was at work, money for gas, waiting on a phone for 30 days and/or my refund. So I was out of my money and out of my phone, but none of this was my fault. Had I any idea, ANY idea what terrible customer service and representative knowledge would be, and what I had to go through to get a workable phone, I would have never gone with Cricket. I, too, will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. I can't believe that this kind of customer treatment is allowed.

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  • Cu
      22nd of Mar, 2009
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    Sorry about the cricket customer service for cricket man I do admit it is terrible.

    I happen to work at a cricket authorized dealer (that is a store who sells cricket phones but not affiliated with Cricket) and we strive to help our customers best we can with their phones, that is why I recommend my customers to just get a phone at the store instead ordering online, this type of hassle can and does happen from time to time.

    As for the cricket network it is surprisingly good, the 3G network is very fast and reliable. I'm very sorry that your experience had to be a bad one.

    I don't per say care much for the Cricket company itself nor endorse it over any other, I just hate to hear all the hassle that people go through when they order online and wish I could have helped them with person to person service.

  • 1s
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I am not trying to let Criket off the hook here but I honestly believe that your first mistake was getting a motorola phone. They are not good phones to begin with. I had two motorola phones and both had to be returned. On one occasion, I had argued up and down with the sales person at one cell phone store about selling me a phone that was used because the reception was soo bad. Well fast forward to a year later when I ordered another Motorola phone directly from Team Mobile and guess what? I had the same problems, phone calls dropping, background noise, shotty reception. I am not minimizing your troubles with Criket but I just feel as though maybe part of the problem could have been with the brand of phone you purchased. Maybe. I actually hear that Criket phone service is not to shabby and I am thinking of trying it myself.

    Oh and for the record, Contrary to the opinion stated above. I always suggest purchasing directly from the Company itself. Its alot safer because you know who you are dealing with, Secondly, You have a better chance of getting them to honor their refund/sales policies. and finally if anything goes wrong you know who to go after.

  • Br
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    Well, Let me say, I completly agree, customer service is TERRIBLE, I've had to deal with cricket on 3 occasions and not once was ANYTHING resolved...not to mention the "customer service" reps were flat rude...NO sence of compassion or even a care about the customer...once you become a customer that ONLY advantage you can see is the price...and as far as the service being 3G and "good" goes, COMPLETLY wrong...sadly I am still a customer... and I'll tell you, the phone service is choppy, internet SUX (wont even play a lousy youtube video without pausing 3-4 times during...pitiful..but they hook you with the cheap price...and I "in my opinion" think this is why they're rude...they cater to the people who do not have an endless budget for service like them... and treat them however they want to (which from what I've seen is NEVER good).. BOTTOM LINE----->If you go Cricket, be cautious, you will most likely regret it.

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