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Cricket Wireless
Store No. 132, NABALIE LLC - Memphis
2926 Lamar Avenue
Suite 107
Memphis, Tennessee [protected]

My elderly grandmother who is 83 years old was taken advantage of by the store agent at Cricket Wireless (Store No. 132 NABALIE LLC - Memphis). She has two phone lines on her account in which one line was suspended (should have been but Cricket cancelled the line in error) due to the phone being lost. She appeared at the store to get the line reactivated on a new phone. She gave the agent the phone inside of a small bag along with the phone number written on a piece of paper (the paper was in the bag with the phone). She was told by customer service that she had to pay $25 to reactivate the phone line. She gave the agent $30. The agent performed 2 transactions: 1) He applied $10 to the phone line needing activated which he keyed in the correct phone number---the phone number is on the receipt; 2) the second transaction was for a sim card to place in the new phone to reactivate the phone line. Remember, my grandmother has two phone lines on her account. When he so-called reactivated the line, he applied the other phone number on the account instead of the correct phone number. When my grandmother got home, her phone wasn't working, but the new phone was working with her phone number. The suspended line still had not been activated. He just switched my grandma's number to activate the phone. My grandmother returned to the store and he yelled at my elderly grandma and told her that she would have to purchase another sim card to fix his error. He claimed my grandma gave him her number instead of the correct number. She did not as I witnessed the entire transaction. Plus, remember he applied the money she gave him to the suspended line which shows he had the correct phone number. To get my grandmother's phone back working, he took the new sim card from the new phone and switched it to my grandmother's phone so that it can start back working. Then he told my grandmother that she would have to purchase another new sim card to reactivate the phone. All my grandmother wanted was to get her daughter's phone on. So she was about to purchase another new sim card when he looked in the system and said that he could not reactivate the suspended phone line because it was showing cancelled. Wow! Shouldn't he have seen that initially when he applied the payment to the phone line? That is probably why he switched my grandmother's phone line to the new phone. What a mess and I am pissed!!! So now my grandmother is out of $25 and no phone service for the new phone (nor the phone line has not been reactivated). In order to reactivate the line, my grandmother must spend an additional $15 plus purchase another sim card for $10.91. Is this fraud or what?!

Nov 24, 2017

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