Cricket Wirelessonline order issue

Hi, I ordered a Cricket wireless online order on Jan 12th 2017. I missed adding the phone to the order, looks like I initiated the portin process first hence it never asked for the phone to be added, I called Cricket customer care to cancel the order immediately, I spent 2 hours between customer care and warranty dept on 12th Jan to get it cancelled, finally they told it will not be possible to cancel the online order, and I have to reject the package, when it is being delivered.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Atlanta, GA My Package arrived on 17th Jan and I rejected / returned the package on the same day, The Shipment reached Cricket wireless on 20th Jan 2017. From then onwards I called multiple times for the refund status. My call has been transferred between Customer care and warranty dept and Back office supervisor multiple times, today Feb 5th alone I spent 3 hours in two different calls, no one seem to have a clue on the refund, They are refusing to create a ticket to initiate my refund / tracking. Very poor process and reps have poor knowledge on the scenario, every time I have to explain this issue brand new for them from scratch. it is highly frustrating

Feb 05, 2017

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