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Please listen to me, if you get cricket wireless, you are going to get low rate service, so if you want to do business, please consider someone else. You would do better with a pay per use phone. This people never answer the phone when they over charge your bill. I waited four hours average on speakerphone for five days in a row and no answer. I had to call leap wireless for them to even answer the phone. Are you gonna accept this [censored] from these idiots. Even after someone told you they suck?!?!!

This is why companies get away with things and don't care, cause of people like you who don't stand up and be a human being and not take that from them.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Knoxville, TN We as a people have the power, without us. No company would exist. Think about it. You don't have to take this from these companies. We run this.

Also, now I cant get in contact with leap wireless, which is crickets parent company. I keep getting the run around on the pressing numbers to get to somewhere.

But guess what people, if you call sales, they will pick the phone right up. Don't do that to yourself, I care about you more than them enough to write this for free. Don't punk yourself out, there is always another option.

You could try icall or internetphone in the time being so you can get yourself together.

Please adhere, we must do something and one person won't help!

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  • Kj
      Sep 02, 2009

    my attitude toward complaints: how else is anything gonna get done about these stupid companies that ripid us off. i ordered a family plan that consisted of 3 phones with was suppose to be free...yea right... also they were suppose to give me free activation.. but didn't of course... they charged my acct 5 days early for an ungoddly amt. they are the most horriblest company i have ever dealt with... ive only had them for a month and have call them a good dozen times because of terrible service...

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  • An
      Mar 10, 2011

    i just got another phone and i never had so much problems trying to get service that i paid for. my paygo service was not working for 3 days . plus, i still dont have all the features as of today. customer service did not help and the store in Gilbert Arizona certinlydid not help. the people there were rude and upset me even more.i left the store withno service!!!

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