Cricket Wireless / Im complaining about services being turned off and not refunded back my money

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I called cricket on the 2nd of november and asked if they can shut my phone off because it has been lost are stoolen so i paid my $70 dollars on the 1st of november and the 2nd is when i told them to shut it off ok my phone i guess reappared in my house and i tried reactivating my services and they gone tell me i cancle my services no as you can see im one of your good customers and i pay my bill every month on time i even left you guys phone company and came back an now cricket wants to say if i wanted my phone back on i have to pay $85 so ok what the hell happened to the $70 i paid for my phone bill some way some how they better find a way to turn my phone back on are find that $70 that i paid my bil on give me my money back are something cause thats wrong like hell for them to Cancel my account i wouldnt even do that bacause i need a phone how in the hell the school going to call for me for my children anything can happened. To them and i cant be reached and its cricket reps that cancel my account when i just asked to turn it off just in case i find it are the person that toom my phone and relize that they bring my phone back please contact me. Thanks Latosha Young

Nov 19, 2016

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