Cricket Wirelessfraudulent cricket!

Hello Cricket Customer Care,
**Please know I will be sueing you after I'm done submitting my complaints on this board. **

On Saturday, January 27th, 2017 location, DFW-AIRPORT, TX at Spirit Airline Baggage Check In. My Samsung Galaxy S7 was stolen, at the counter baggage check in. I filed a police report with DFW Airport, called Cricket Wireless and reported my phone stolen, and for Cricket Wireless to cancel phone number ending digits 0624 that is assigned to the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone that was stolen on Saturday the 27th, of January 2017. My chief complaint is that Cricket Blacklisted, keeps Suspending my special child's phone services, that are paid for. Her last number digits end with 9692, her phone device is the Alcatel One touch Idol3. That used to be my phone, then I switched out our sim cards when I purchased and activated the Samsung Galaxy S7 device.
Now, I have been calling Cricket 800-Cricket for the pass 3 days regarding this very annoying, frusterating, life threatening issue. Each time I've had to repeat myself, ask to speak to Managers, been hung up on, and the problem keeps reoccurring. This obviously has lead me to move on to the next step, out of frustration, Cricket has not corrected the issue, keeps charging me for services that are not being rendered, and has not compensated me for the pass 4 days of unused services. I had to pay a $250 deposit to Asurion Phone Insurance in order to receive my replacement phone, had to pay another $55 dollars for reactivation my replacement phone and for services again, which by the way we're already paid prior to phone being stolen. I have a police report on its way, called Progressive Leasing and reported the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone stolen.
I never once brought up my daughter's phone device Alcatel Idol3, not once! Yet, her paid wireless service keeps getting interrupted day after day. Why, can't Cricket seem to fix their error. Why does Cricket feel that they can over charge, take advantage of customers, suspend paid lines, not compensate their cistomers for their own errors, and treat their customers with the crappies the customer service ever?
Cricket representatives do not care about providing solutions, they only want to cause more strife, take more money from customers, and cause more averggration to the problem at hand. I will put a worldclass lawsuit in order against Cricket Wireless Services. I've had enough of Cricket Wireless Service Bullying their customers!

Feb 03, 2017

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