Cricket Wireless / customer service (non service)

Arbutus, Maryland, United States

Iv rode down to the local cricket store (on east drive in arbutus maryland) between the hours of 4 pm and 735 pm. The first time there was a handwritten sign that said be back in 20 mins, second time about an hour maybe 2 later another handmade sign... Be back in 15 mins. The last which was a half hour ago the door was locked, all lights on and promo signs outside, open light was on, and a barefoot girl sitting behind the counter was on the computer with the door locked. I knocked (the closing time is 8 pm it was only 740). She shakes her head (like saying no). I yelled thru the door that the store isn't closed its not 8 yet. She then says, our system is down (the 3rd time this has ever happened to me at this location). I then say, well my phone I've only had 3 wks is frozen on a black screen is the system being down the reason?... That's when she walked barefoot to the door and made me stand outside as she looked at my phone. She said i don't know it's not doing anything not even resetting. Im thinking, ok your open, do something. Finally after holding the reset button for 3 mins straight she handed my phone to me, turned around, and rolled her eyes at me as she said "why don't you try it now". I said ok what did you do. She said, umm reset it. I said ok sorry i have an important address in a text message that i have to be at early in the am. She rolled her eyes again and under her breath said mmm hmm. She then walked behind me and licked the door as i walked out. Very very unprofessional, this location always has nasty people working or there not there and have a sign up handwritten. I only go there bc it's down the street. This girl was the worse thus far. No help, rude, arrogant even. I will go to the highest of the high over this young girl if nothing is done. I'm also pricing other carriers I'm sick of the crap i go through.

May 6, 2017

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