Cricket Wirelesscustomer service and wrongful charging.

I went into the Cricket Store on 05/02/17. I needed to transfer my mothers service from Straightalk to Cricket ASAP seeing as it was supposed to be turned off that night. Since it was my 5th line her plan was free and we ported her number for a free phone. I had to pay the activation fee...No biggie. I pay the $26 and go home. After awhile I realize it is taking to long to be turned on and activated. Also my Cricket App kept saying that I needed to activate my line. So I contact Customer Support to be told that the person in store put in the wrong Act # for Straight talk. I then have to hang up and call Straight Talk to retrieve the correct Act #. I call Cricket customer service back to give them the right Act # and I am told it wood be turned on by morning. Next morning still nothing. So I have to contact Customer Service AGAIN and they finally push it through and it worked.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Indianapolis, INI proceed to ask about getting my $26 IN STORE ACTIVATION FEE refunded and I was told to go back to the store and get key refund they could not help me. I waste even more money, gas, and time to go and be told no before even looking at the receipt or anything. I call Customer Service AGAIN and they are rude and refuse to help. So I was charged for a service in store that was not done and that I had to do MYSELF but I am not allowed my money back. So in other words they stole my money. A couple days later I poked at my bill and my total says $105. I have 5 $40 lines with Group save. My bill should only be $100. I was told that was a fee. WHAT FEE????? I thought crickets total was your bill there were no fees or taxes. 40×5=200
200-100=100. Where is that $5 coming from. Well needless to say everytime I try to chat to resolve a problem they just leave the chat if it is an inconvenience to them. I am disgusted with how I am being treated. Until now I have NEVER had an issue with this service

May 06, 2017

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