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I made a bridge pay payment. I missed paying it by one day. I use this service all the time and I have missed by one day and I have never had to pay extra basically extended my service and changing the due date cause of that.. I paid 50 dollars and had to pay 58 dollars on balance. When i called in to do so they said i had to pay 98 dollars i asked why they said i have to make a full monthly payment. My full monthly payment is 110. Which is why it was 58
Nothing said i would have to pay extra to change my due date. My due date is on the 2nd of every month been that way since almost 2yrs. Now it changed to 9th.. That is not what your service says will happen. It says you will have to pay full month of service!!! ( A quick Cricket reminder - your BridgePay period is almost up. No problem! Pay $58.46 BEFORE 11:59 PM central time on 06/09/17 using the myCricket app or at If you wait to pay after this date you will need to make a full monthly payment. Have you already paid? Sorry for bothering you!) my full monthly payment is paid on the 2nd of the month which is now changed to the 9th! That is not a full month of service for more. That is a month and the week you gave on bridge pay!! If your going to chnge the way bridge pay works make it clear and stop falsely wording and saying you have to pay a full month service!! I will find another provider and DROP YOUR SERVICE!!! I sent many people to your company and recommended your company to many people but will NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Updated by Angie McKinzie, Jun 10, 2017

    I think it redicouls you do not have a complaint line or number!!! Is your company that crocked that you cant even have a complaint service department!!! Makes me wonder what is cricket really do it shouldnt be and how bad really is your product and service. Not sure who needs to investigate your company but it for sure needs to be looked in to.

Jun 10, 2017

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