Cricket / taking money from a homeless person

Ok is this year to get screwed out of your money. My brother need a phone so I saw the commerical for cricket unlimited localand long distince ad unlimited texting. For 45 dollars. My brother was homeless and I was sending home to amariilo texas and he is not in good health. So we went to the cricket store in jacksonville andtalked to the sales lady andtold her he need a phone because of the cirmstances. So I could check on him on the bus. We ask the lady 3 different times if it would work in ama, texas she says oh ya anywhere in texas. So we signed and got the phone and went to my house to try it it worked standing next to each other. And then he called his son in jacksonville they talked 5 mins. The next morning got him on the bus in little rock it doesn't work and did not work no more. The bus was late 3 hrs do to a blizzard. Thank god he made it. I called cricket they say take it to north little rock office I did. They said okay you will have to take it back to jacksonville to get your money back. My brother had to send it back. Oh by the way there is no crickit phone store in ama, tex. And no serve. So I take it to jacksonville they say they can't refund none of the money that he had talk for more then 30 mins on it. I said show me the numbers he talked to, she said she could not. Bull crap. Needless to say not 1 penny back. They would not even take the phone back. Told me to sell it to someone else I said so you can screw them too. Taking money from a homeless person. How wrong is that. $90.00 for 6 mins.

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