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Cricket / customer service and payment

1 Kenosha, WI, United States
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I have a complaint about the cell phone company, Cricket. This is a list of many complaints and issues I have had.

When my first payment was due on my service I tried to pay online but I could not. I contacted the company who said they would put a $3 waver on my account so I may pay in a Cricket store. The stores charge a $3 processing fee. I entered the store and went to pay bill however, they tried to charge the $3 dollar charge anyways. The man I talked to told me that there was no waver on my account and told me that it was my responsibility to figure out the problem not his. I asked him if he could call anyone to figure out what happened and he refused to do so and told me he would not waist 3 hours talking to a representative of Cricket to help me out. I raised my voice, about how I was unsatisfied with this out come and he proceeded to call the company. As I was waiting I spoke to an Asian male who I was curious about his nationality, because he looks like many of my family members.  He told me he was Korean and I told him I was as well and told him my sister was from Korea. He said, " I love Asian women, especially the YOUNG ONES." That made me uncomfortable.  The Korean male went back to play video games on his laptop, which was making lots of sound and I could not hear the other salesman over the gun fire. The man then told me that there was a $3 waver but I would not receive it till a few days after the transaction was rung out. I was a bit weary but I proceeded to ring the transaction out despite that. I was interputed by the Asian male who asked for the other associate to come over and check out this girl on his laptop who had big breasts and was wearing a glow in the dark bikini and how he would like to do something to her in a rave bar.There was a $3 waver fee but the customer service was less then satisfactory with the Cricket store located on 52nd St in Kenosha, WI..

My next issue comes with an insurance plan I payed for my phone. I was accepted for the replacement and was told that there would be no charge on the replacement, over the phone. I walked into a different Cricket store located on 22nd ave in Kenosha, WI. Where I listened to two associates argue about how one or the other passed gas and how it smelt like, faseis. The asked me if I could smell it and I told them I did. I told them I would like to pick up my replacement phone. He asked me for my number and began to fill out the paper work. He did so however, when he finished with my phone he told me that there was an $80 deductible along with a $5 proccessing fee. I argueed because I was told that I would not be charged. The worker said, "Not my problem bro." I asked to speak to the Cricket representive on the phone, which they began to tell me that it wouldn't do anything because everyone knows theres a $80 deductiable and no one would tell me it would cost me nothing. I spoke to the rep. and was told that there was nothing they could do because they were billing and I was given several numbers and was trasfered many times. Each time being refused to be helped. I finally gave up and told them I would pick it up another time. They said I had to pay for it because he rung it out already and it was under my name. I did not have money at the time and told them that. The worker called the Cricket Company and they could not reverse the trasaction. They said just come back when I had the money because they could not sell it to anyone. I said that was fine. He told me he would have the phone behind the counter for me and that when I wanted to pick it up it would be here.As I was talking to the worker another worker was talking to a customer on the phone and asked what her last name was. He said he just wanted to know if he knew her. And said goodbye. He then looked back at me and another customer and said, " Doesn't matter, she sounded ugly anyways." I was taken back at this but took it astride.

I came back a few weeks later to pick up my phone, and was told that he could not find a phone and that the person I talked to was not in and that he was a Representive for the Company. I kept asking for him to look for it but he just moved a few papers and said nope cant find it. I asked for him to look in the back and he did but came back after not even 15 seconds. He did not want to help me and told me to come back tommorow. I told him I could not because of my work schedule and asked if he could call the person up and asked if he was on call. He said he was and that he could not get his number at all. He said I could call the company and complain if i wanted but they wouldnt do anything. I called and they said they would give me a $3 credit on my account for the inconvience.

I came back the next day to pick up my phone and he activated my phone and began to ring out the transaction. He said that it would be $88. I asked what happened to the $85 I was told before. He told me it was $85 plus a $3 proccessing fee. I desided not to argue and just wanted to get my phone. I handed him my credit card and he told me it would be another $3 for using a credit card. I told him I was done getting screwed over and walked out. I called the Cricket company and told them I wanted to cancel my account and wanted the charges for the service to be cancelled. They said that they could not and that they had already cut my bill in half for not having a phone to use the service. I argueed and said that it is not fair that I would have to pay for a bill when I could not use the phone for a month. The rep. told me that she was sorry and she could do nothing but cancell my service.She then cancelled my service.

Also on there website they advertise a $70 online price drop on the phone I purchased online from them. On there basic page it shows the $70 drop but if you have an account and are logged in then you look on the website it shows a $20 drop. Which I got that they originally advertised on the website which I belived was the best deal.

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