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The latest Cricket scam involves the cricket cell phone company committing fraud by Illegally shutting off the phone service to people's phone after the bill has clearly been paid in full!!!
This has happened to me twice now since the 1st of march & it's now march 11!
The 1st time I called Cricket to find out why my service was disconnected, The UNEDUCATED ### that answered my call attempted to FLAT OUT LIE & tell me theat I hadn't paid my bill even theough I made it known that I had proof that I had paid it on the 1st of the month as I always do and that I had PROOF!
She then called me a liar & attempted to make me pay my bill a 2nd time even after I both informed and educated her that my bank statement was proof that my bill was paid up to date!
After reviewing my account, she even admitted that my payment was received, but then tried to feed me a load of crap claiming that cricket couldn't receive the payment and that my original payment which had already been taken out and posted to my bank account would be refunded in 3 business days!
The payment had already cleared with my bank so there was nothing to be refunded!
Here it is, now March 11th and Cricket has again Illegally disconnected my service!
They're in for a very rude awakening when I visit the Cricket store today and proceed to viciously educate the ### behind the register and make it known theat I will take legal action against Cricket for FRAUD if they don't restore my service and/or attempt to pull this scam on me again!
Working for Cricket is like working at a fast food joint... NEITHER EDUCATION NOR INTELLIGENCE IS REQUIRED!!!
The other SCAM that Cricket pulls on people has to do with thier garbage prepaid phones, They advertise that after 90 days of service, a customer can switch from prepaid service to regular service but when someone attempts to make the switch, Crickett tells them that it can't be done or that they have to purchase a new phone, This is an ILLEGAL BAIT & SWITCH kinda SCAM that Cricket has been pulling on unsuspecting customers in recent years!
This company needs to be put in their damn place!!!

Mar 11, 2013
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  • Am
      Aug 09, 2010

    I found a charge on my checking account this morning for $100 from ckt Cricket Comm. I don't have Cricket, so I attempted to both email and call customer service, however, you cannot get through to anyone unless you have an account with them, so I am going to my bank after work today to check into this, and I'm hoping they may be able to give me more information.

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  • Cr
      Sep 15, 2010

    Hi Amy,

    My name is Ryan and I work on behalf of Cricket. If you believe your information might have been stolen or this is a case of identity theft, we recommend the following steps;

    1. Contact Cricket’s Fraud Department at 858-882-9630
    2. Indicate in the message that you did not authorize the account
    3. Provide your contact information including a day time phone number where the Fraud Representative can return your call. Please note that Cricket’s Fraud Department has a turnaround time of 24 – 48 hrs Monday – Friday (excluding Holidays).
    4. Contact your local law enforcement to file a police report
    5. Fill out the ID Affidavit form (
    6. Fax both the police report and ID Affidavit form to the Fraud department at (858) 882-6080 or mail to:

    Cricket Communications Inc.
    Attn: Fraud Department
    5887 Copley Drive
    San Diego, CA 92111

    NOTE: Additional information and help can be found at the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Website (

    Ryan on behalf of Cricket

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  • Ol
      Jan 18, 2011

    I then got it my car and cried on my way home. Frustrated because I am being held accountable for a charge that I am not at fault for. Frustrated the lack of empathy, sympathy and an apology from the seat warmer named T. Frustrated because the CSA was just as intelligent as T.

    So, now, thanks to the super secret location and phone number to actual Cricket which prevents any direct contact with those in power, I have to figure out what to do financially with the $13.00 Cricket left me with.

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  • Ed
      Apr 29, 2013

    you must work for cricket... you also more than likely are in your late 30's-early 40's & have nothing to show for your pathetic Inferior existence!!! YOU ARE THE A**HOLE LOSER, I HAVE THE ACTUAL PROOF FROM MY BANK SHOWING HOW I WAS UNFAIRLY AND ILLEGALLY CHARGED A 2ND TIME BY CRICKET SO GO [censored] YOURSELF LOSER!!!

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