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Cricket / bad service

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I recently moved and my bill was sent to my old address. I recieved the payment reminder text massage but still forgot to pay my bill. My phone service was suspended and I called the 800 number the next day to pay my bill and re-instate my service. I first tried to pay using the telephone service on wednesday 8/27/2008. You have to go through a long list of press 2 for this and 3 for that; enter your number and birthday, zip code, card number, expiration, security number, and then "say" 2 to process your payment today... Yeah right! I tried to say "two" and the computerized response said I didn't understand you. So I said "two" and he said to try again later and disconnected the call. I did this twice before calling to speak with a csr. She tried to run my card and it was "declined"... Twice. I told her I know the card works... Is there anyway I can pay online... Maybe that will work. She agreed that that would be worth a try. I went to the online bill pay and tried another two times with no success. I called my bank to make sure there wasn't problems with my card and everything checked out right. When we looked at my bank account, however, we noticed 6 pre-auth charges of $1.00. Meaning they are processing my payment 6 times!! I asked her if we could stop the payment and she said it was on hold and there is nothing we can do just yet... But she would keep an eye on it for me. Thursday the pre-auth charges were still there and friday 8/29/2008 I finally called again to see if we could resolve. (I didn't want to attempt to make anymore payments until we waited to see what those "pre-auth" charges were going to do. )

The csr I talked to said there was no such thing as a pre-authourization on my account and insisted that I pay her the amount due immediatley to have my phone re-instated. I asked her if those pre-auth's would be processed and I would be charged for my payment 6 seperate times... She said again there is no such thing. I asked to speak with her manager and she told me the manager would say the same thing... So I don't need to talk to them. This went on for about 10 minutes or so... I finally got so mad that I hung up the phone.

I waited the holiday weekend and tried again today 9/2/2008. I called cs and was put on hold for 56 minutes. When someone finally answered and I was able to explain to him the situation he tried to run my card again and guess what? Yep... Declined!! He said the information on my credit card account is wrong?!?! Wha? I said look... This has been going on too long and I can't go without a phone any longer. I told him I need to talk with a manager or someone in his office that can resolve this today... Right now!! He said, "hold one moment I will try to run the card manually... " and when he put me on hold he disconnected me.

I tried to call back... But the menu has changed. Now there is no "press 3 to speak with a customer service representative"... Now it says "press 3 to hear answers to our faq" are you kidding me?? I have tried every "press this button" and none of them connect me to a csr. How on earth do you get through to someone???

Now I still have no phone... And when I checked my bank account I have 2 more $1.00 pre-auth charges. I called the bank and in order to get the $8 in pre-auth charges removed I have to go down there and fill out paperwork and it will take time to get processed...In the meantime... I still don't know whether or not those pre-auth's are going to process leaving me minus $66.90 x8.

This is ridiculous... And there is no way I can make a payment... No way I can get a hold of someone that can help me... The only choice I have left is to go to a store and duke it out with some sales rep that has no idea what is going on. Wish me luck!! I will need it!!

You get what you pay for... Cricket is cheap for a reason...

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  • Ja
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I made changes to lower my account bill because $243.17 seems crazy to me. So the cricket representitive tells me what to pay. $181.52
    So I did on March 26th early by the way was not due until April 12th
    My services were shut off on the April13th
    mabye 12th unsure about that, did not try use it til 13th April

    The billing computer or whatever does that messed up. I was told.
    So I called customer service who told me to pay a different amount, so I did.
    Then I later get disconnected. I email cricket for help, they say go to local office.
    I do, then I am told that they will not refund my money or give me services and that this is there policy!
    Because they are no refunds on prepaid services.
    So I just unknowingly gave them $181.52 wow how nice of me . And I had their broadband and 3 cell phones they just shut of. I was using the net for printing my homeschool papers.

    Anyway apparantly the computer did not understand a payment I had made and put it on something else. Isn't that not my fault?

    Give me my money or give me some services but why charge me recconect fees for their errors.

    Also they did take off the services I requested but not the prices/amounts. So bill still high, but wait they charged me $15 dollars for each change that did occur on two lines.
    so theirs an extra $30 dollars.

    Fine but they need to remove the incorrect charges but did not. So they told me I need to pay $106.00 to turn it back on for past due amounts WTF i paid 181.52
    So the total would be
    wow thats not cheaper.
    Before I leave he says to me you need to pay your bill on

    It's like it was for effect for the other customers that where there.

    wow it shocked me I just left

    Am I the only one this has happened to?

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