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We've had Cricket for four years. At first we loved them, but over the last year or two they've become so bad, I wouldn't recommend their service to the devil.

First, they managed to allow someone to access my personal voice mailbox, meaning friends and family heard someone else's voice and name when it picked up and naturally confusion ensued. It's probably the only problem we've had that got resolved quickly, by a friendly rep, and without an issue.

Later we transferred my number to a land line. That took several weeks to resolve because Cricket wouldn't let the number go to the other provider.

After escalating it, someone finally apologized for "not flipping the right switch." Uh huh... I'm surprised from reading complaints here that they cheerfully refunded us for the time the number remained with them when it wasn't supposed to.

Next, my husband's NEW cell phone, not even a year old, dies recently. He attempts to go to a Cricket store only to hear that his phone is "obsolete." They've stopped selling not just the phone but its respective parts, and refuse to look at or service the phone! So now he's stuck with a dead phone that they won't fix.

Finally, we had a credit card number change around the time our bill would have been up. They attempted to run the old number, didn't work... they cancel the bill without even trying to notify us of the problem, even with a snail mail and email address on file.

Now as anyone who's gone through this mess knows, the only way you can update your account information is to either dial 611 on your Cricket phone, which we can't, because it's broken. Or you dial the 800 number, which requires you to input your number... and if your account got cancelled like ours did, it won't recognize it, and they hang up on you. So we're stuck being unable to pay our bill either.

I finally figured out how to get to a live person. I called the 800 number and at the prompt, told the system "Cancel My Account." So now you know how to get around that little trick :-)

But it doesn't mean you won't get a customer service rep with sand for brains. For the record, I normally NEVER lose it with customer service reps - I've worked in that field, I know how hard it is, and I believe in treating others with respect.

Today, I broke my own rule after several minutes of circular arguing because he first told me the account is current, then tells me it's cancelled because the credit card was no longer valid and it has an overdue balance. Well, which one is it??

After yet more back and forth I snapped and I told him just take my d*** credit card number, put it in your system, make this right or I will escalate this above your head, and STOP arguing with me. What does he do? Argues back that I'm not arguing with him!

I replied about 20 decibels louder than normal that I've had enough, I want this account current NOW, and don't p*** me off, at which point he puts me on hold, comes back on the line and apologizes.

So the account is current, but we got slapped a reactivation fee (after missing ONE payment folks!), and they "punished" us by making our account pre-pay instead of post-pay (like I care by now). What-EVER sir, just fix it.

Oh and as we get off the line, even with his knowing my husband's cell phone is dead, he says "We'll text you a confirmation of the bill pay to your phone number." Gee, thanks. I asked him can't you send it to an email address? He just grunts. I'll take that as a no.

Needless to say we're going provider shopping and cancelling our service ASAP. I imagine it'll be just as much fun transferring my husband's cell number to someone else this time around too.

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  • Ba
      16th of Apr, 2010

    cricket wireless is nothing but a poor man's cellular company and the 10 (dollar) late fee is totally stupid after 5 years now they decide that they can cover ALL FIFTY STATES WOW!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

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  • Br
      30th of Jul, 2010

    Crickets not contracted so you didnt have to pay a bill for a broken phone. Even if his phone is no longer available they still have to give you a phone of equal vaule as long as you have insurance on the phone. What people don't understand is that Cricket is just like every other phone service as well as every other coorperate business. yes we out source CS yes our Items are manufactured over seas the only difference between cricket and other phone companies is lack of coverage. You could have...SHOULD have went to a Full Service store, there you would have spoke with a SM not an owner and got a DMs number for you trouble its quiet easy and he/she would have spoke enough english to explain the situation and try to fix it.

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