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I buy & sell vehicles occasionaly, but ofcourse i check these ads frequently. The ads are being flooded by scammers that want your email for whatever reason. I am a serious buyer & seller ! I see to often scammers taking pics of others vehicles & listing them for assinine prices. Im pretty good on knowing average or realistic price for pretty much any vehicle listed, even differences in state to state values. I run across vehicles that are worth example 5 to 12000 & these ### are listing them for 1, 290 or 1, 509 example. There are rare exeptions like if a couple splitting & she lists his vehicle just to get rid of it, ofcourse only legal if her name is on title.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Oklahoma City, OK Im not the brightest bulb & have easily doubled, tripled & more on some buys. I also know some are so out of the loop they dont know or even check to see what their vehicles are worth or they might be really need the money. It is like a game to me when i go through the ads sometimes its one after another & prohibit them, cause i hate scammers ! I notice that scammers also dont use the individual pics, just the main one they copy & most want you to contact them by email. I am seeing some leaving # to call but then you are told to leave your email. I also do investigative searches on issues that concern me. I want you to know before i delete an ad its not just by price. I read the ad, if it has blown head gasket or engine or body damage & or other factors that reflect a low price that is considered. I

Jan 29, 2017

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