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Cox Communications / new telephone service keeping my number

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

On October 6, 2016 technicians came to my house to install high speed Internet and telephone service. Our house had never had Cox before and they had to come back the next day to finish. They did something wrong and my phone did not transfer from Century Link. When I realised we did not have phone service I called and was told it would be remedied in 10 days meanwhile have a temporary number. I called back in 10 days it was not fixed on and not until 11/11/2016 it was finally remedied. I was billed by both Cox and Century Link. Cox admitted to me it was their fault so I believe they should reimburse me what I had to pay . Century link has billed me: For service 10/03-11/02/2016 59.05
11/03-12/02/2016 49.67 Total $ 108.72

Cox has billed me:Initial bill for service 10/06/-11/05/2016 $ 251.48
11/06-12/05/2016 $46.65
For a total $ 298.13
( this includes a credit for monthly service of $33.56 and a courtesy credit of $ 50.00 for a Total $83.56 Credit, )

As you can see Century Link has cost me more them this. And Cox has billed for telephone service ( they charged me $25.00 for the temporary number they gave me to cover their mistake- I want my original number.) First month service $ 34.14 plus fees and taxes
second month service another $ 25.00 to change my phone back to my original number (?) $34.14 plus fees and taxes. Total $ 118.28 plus fees and taxes. Minus $ 83 56 Credit ($ 1.14 a day11/6, 7, 8, 9, 10= 5 days no service $5.70 I should only owe $29.00 for second month service.) I feel to be fair to me I should be reimbursed The Century Link $$108.72 & Cox $ 6.28 for a Total of $ 115.00

I can, t express enough the aggravation it took to get to the bottom of the problem with both companies.

A complaint has been filed with Nevada Consumer Affairs and forwarded to Nevada Attorney General.

Nov 14, 2016

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